Saturday, May 26, 2018

In and Out, but nothing out

At least my birthday party is cheap.

Yesterday, I went out with mom and bro to buy a new set of Naruto action figures, however the usual shop (which I found out that it's a toy shop - don't ask me) don't have it anymore, and the shopkeeper said that to item imports for 2 years.

Yep, no more collection for my birthday gift today, but apparently I got 2 new aircraft models and a military Humvee model. I know I love commercial planes, but I'd rather stick to combat aviation, and... well... to wait this Ace Combat 7 game to be released on public. Gonna have a Steam account one day...

I can't remember last year on what I bought for the new set of action figures; the fact that I have nearly a two hundred models, from "KW" (Indonesian term that translated IMO as "fake but real" - might as well that it's Chinese-made or Taiwanese-made) to authentic, are something that is, unimaginable and unforgettable. Even as I knew that and visiting my sister for a chat, the Pasar Minggu at Jakarta were running out of stock for these action figures, with a matter of fact that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is getting popular, continuing the popularity of the previous Naruto anime series.

Well, the last resort of getting new action figures now is from the online shop. Clearly local online shops, such as Tokopedia, which I, mom, bro, and sis, talked about it, have a limited number of different models of action figures. Fortunately, my brother usually do buying stuffs from there, so he looked up for me on Tokopedia. Found a pack of figures that contains, on what I love right now, new model of Naruto the 7th (Hokage) and his son, Boruto. Sold IDR 125k per figure for a total of IDR 250k. Unfortunately, it's out of stock and will be "rearmed" next month. Oh well, I had no choice but to wait.

The others on the list are the ones I recognized, meaning they already exist in my collection.

Brother said to me, "if you want to look for more action figures of these, try eBay. A friend of mine once bought a ring that seen on Lord of the Rings movie on eBay. Shipment will be arriving in a week or two. For the payment method... I forgot. I'll ask friend when I have time."

The first thing I ever heard about eBay is that the old installer of Unlocker application for Windows that said about option to add eBay shortcuts. Dunno what version, but latest ones don't have it, I suppose. Heck, I don't even know what is it exactly, but clearly that it's an URL to a website.

Just yesterday I found out that eBay is an international online shop, like Amazon. I did heard about its article, but idk where... perhaps JalanTikus? Wikipedia? Well, doesn't matter, but at least I know what it is, from the outside, and my bro's small testimony about the friend of his. Might consider worth visiting to see what's in sale and what's not.

I did said at start that my birthday party is cheap. Why? 5 person: me, mom, bro, sis, and bro's new girlfriend. Nearly 500k spent for party dinner at a restaurant. Another is that a kind of buying stuff for what I should call as "women". Likely has many ways to satiate things. None of my friends involved - in what I call to decrease spent money in one place. Clearly it's different than my birthday party... er... 15 or 18 years ago. I was wearing eyeglasses and prettily handsome that time.

I only wait for new messages in Facebook about me having birthday. Guess nothing came in until half past 1 p.m.

And yeah... this is real silly, but I found out that PUBG is requiring high-end PC specification to play in 60 fps and Full HD (1080p) resolution (mine's using LED TV with Full HD resolution). That is, either using Ryzen or i7, GeForce GTX 1080 or equivalent, and with 16 GB RAM are a best shot. Only one that is meeting my criteria on playing  PUBG: RAM, that is 16 GB. Alternative solution is using PUBG Mobile on PC (JalanTikus and Siam Alam did demonstrated one). Actually, ever since I watched more of the videos from Red Arcade channel, PUBG is quite awesome for a kind of "battle royale" video game. It comprised of CS:GO with a Fallout/Skyrim style to have open world and looting feeling. My bro and sis did talked about it, but as I know that there is a mobile version of PUBG (PUBG Mobile), I'll pass, because I quit playing phone games when I was at senior high (that was when a new phone was used). Even now I quit using arcade games on malls and cinemas (if there is one) since I have my own entertainment at home, and yet, really unlimited.

Replayed Fallout 4 from the last save I left when I played it on laptop, and this time, with mods. First time it was tricky since it wasn't loaded. Mods are listed, but none loaded. So I follow forums and tutorials from place to place (especially visiting Nexus Forums) and I found out that adding an asterisk before the mod filename (usually in ESP format) works. It's just need to be placed in "Data" folder of your FO4 directory and list them in plugins.txt (create one if none). It can be located/must be placed in C:\Users\«yourusername»\AppData\Local\Fallout4.

Yep, spent nearly a month or two to complete the stories of Far Harbor and Nuka-World when the player joined the Institute. Quite fun, though. And the fun part in Nuka-World is the weapon I'm using: PTRS-41. Crazy anti-tank weapon that kills an enemy in an instant. Apart from Mirelurk Queen, that is. Bullets are moddable to use conventional HEIAP, depleted uranium, or the 21st century plasma shaped charge or cryogenic explosive. Nearly hundreds of variations to mod this awesome Russian anti-tank rifle, and the damage can go more than 1000 (for the advanced version of QBU-76-20 with 20x110mm Hispano prepped as "APFSDS DU Sabot") with level 5 of Rifleman perk. I haven't yet tested its potential since my char's Intelligence is low, like 3 or 4, if you like to calculate; and I don't increase further since I only focused on the Gun Nut, which is essential on modifying various weapons that doesn't have spare parts, like Railway Rifle and most of the mod weapons (R91, Spetsnaz Rifle, M2216, etc. - even for those that can be spawned only in console). Still, weapon mods can be spawned using "player.additem" command, but what's new in FO4 is that the "help" feature that replaced its functionality from displaying full list of commands to a kind of "helper for items hash" thing. So it's replaced to add two new variables; keyword and how does it displayed. It looked like search thing for developers to find a key for the hash model, just like the way GTA hash model works for scripting purposes.

Looks like I'm gonna stop my FO4 game at building the Vault 88, which is soooooo large that I can take a lot of time to expand until it can do no more (well, it already has reached the limit). This is like I'm taking my time building and renovating the house in The Sims 4 while I exactly don't play it at all. The other version of my Vault 88 is to make it a 5-story Vault - which the 5th one is the arena of death. I never saw how does it work, yet I have less time testing everything since it's like The Sims 4 - building and life simulation, with an extra of RPG and Action Shooter genres. Overall, the Vault is done and ready. Still, I might to renovate since settlers can't go walk on stairs to get to the upper floors and vice versa. Also with the one that I'm building. No reason to tell why they can't go upstairs to take a sleep in the night. I have already set up the cafeteria (bar stand and such) in an atrium, but I don't think that's a good idea. Farming is also set up in the Vault as well, because this is done using Wasteland Workshop DLC that has Gardening Plot to plant fruits and vegetables there. In a likelihood, this will fill up the empty cave with Vault rooms and hallways that might help getting the place ready. Clinic and the Overseer rooms are ready, but problems arise with the Residential room, which I placed it one floor atop Atrium, which caused the issue.

Well, this is what I can explain from what I tried to get and what happened now on my birthday. At least it's one other unforgettable experience I've ever had, though nothing extraordinary happened. You can sing a birthday song to me if you see fit, because I don't mind. At least I have fun for my free day/schedule at school and I stayed at home.

Thanks for keeping up with my stories. I might post another interesting stories soon. Stay healthy and have a nice day, readers.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Done updating mods, mod request, and jobs

Looks like I got things wrapped up in day one, and in just the time before the birthday on May 26th.

I've done updating almost ALL mods I can manage to use in, despite bad rating on GTAInside (figures, a guy might be hating my mods). Likewise, it's good to know that I've done having fun and fulfilling somebody's request in day one after 2 years being neglected.

Here's the list of my new mods:

Here's the list of my updated mods:

Now, there's this mod request I'm accepting. BrotherJay @ LCPDFR has asked me to design an unmarked police cruiser with the name 300c. For a while idk what that is, but as I tried to look up in Google, 300c might be known somewhere, but for a while, I started to think about one of the Chrysler's cars. And as he sent me the download link for the dev file, now I'm getting somewhere. A Chrysler 300C SRT8.

I even spent my time talking and asking some questions regarding the ownership of the developer file. Just to tell ya about the truth, I now even have problems with HD cars and now the LCPDFR that gets stuck after entering the police station.

The HD cars issue was a long time before I get a new computer. There was a point where I play the game (EFLC, to be exact) with lots of cops and Jotov24's Evolved Car Pack v3 mod. There's this boom, a CTD, while the game suffered a significant memory leak that caused popping-in textures in almost 360 degrees horizon. After that last CTD, it keeps going on and on with HD cars that just only 200 MB. It's the only lightest package that contains HD cars that can support TBoGT platform. The second and the first are intended for main GTA IV platform, although it can be used in TBoGT and TLAD as well.

For this LCPDFR, idk why it happens. It's just stuck at the loading session and even after executing any callouts or commands while not connected to the server. It happened right after I did my time syncing my account into the game few years ago, and idk how many times I have connected on that. It only runs when I connected to the server. Probably it's because of the HDD that used on the earlier PC. There contains lots of my data used on the old PC that's got its new HDD. After the family problems the PC never be used, not until it sometimes my sister used to play AyoDance, but she said she got bored with it. She also got her Steam account for getting that free CS:GO game. Likewise, I missed that chance to take an opportunity to create my new Steam account to claim it; however today, my HDD is almost full and I needed a new one for the Steam applications, especially if I want to buy legit games such as Grand Theft Auto V. I'd like to support the devs one day. That makes me the long-time amateur gamer to be a pro gamer. Perhaps I should start up saving money since my sister used a payment website called UniPin for her special buys in AyoDance, and she did illustrated one for Megaxus Payment. I haven't yet tried to get a proof that it can be used in Steam.

I'm finishing my homework that riled up like a waiter delivering foods to the tables. I have this navigation lesson homework that idk what question to answer, this Linux Remastering on Ubuntu Trusty Tahr (14.04 LTS) using virtual machine, and Construct 2 project that I can't even be able to get into the program, yet, and the clock's ticking. It sounded easy, but my laziness preventing it to be done. Perhaps there is a way to fight this up...

So then, back to the work, I'd say. I'd enjoy the night while I still can. Have a nice day, readers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

[REL|IV] Brute Ambulance FDLC Code 3 Excalibur [ELS - DROT]

Few years back I saw two mods of generic ambulance with ELS lighting in LCPDFR. As I saw it doesn't fit with custom skins, I'd like to model one with templates.

This ambulance mod features DROT capability as in Lt.Caine's latest E450 ambulance, using Code 3 Excalibur lightbar set up in red and blue (not white as in the Readme, sorry for the typo).

The mod also includes the METT livery I modeled on my own, based from Abraxas' METT/Coroner mod, for both vanilla (LC) and realistic (NYC).

Download Link

LCPDFR | Mediafire | GTAInside


[REL|IV] Vapid Stanier Police Cruiser Federal Signal Aerodynic

This vehicle mod was supposed to be uploaded for public in 2016, but there has been monetary issues that caused upload pending.

The Aerodynic lightbar has been used on the 80s police cruiser of New York Police Department. Now you can have it in the Vapid Stanier for a friendly size and support for multiple liveries.

Download Link

LCPDFR | Mediafire | Google Drive | GTAInside


[REL|IV] Vapid Stanier NOoSE Cruiser Whelen Edge

This is another variant of Vapid Stanier NOoSE Cruiser equipped with Whelen Edge lightbar. It was proposed to be released two years ago when there was a bug of glitched cruiser on the road, practically because of the error related to RC20 fatal error in GTA IV. This happened as well with my last version of Merit with Streethawk (Visor LEDs caused RC20 error) and Stanier Gen1 with Vector & Ultrastar (model with Ultrastar caused vehicle glitch).

This is the model of bug fixing I made regarding RC20 error and vehicle glitch that caused somewhat like "screen flickering" when you look on a modded vehicle.
  1. Export in ZModeler in unlocked form (usually with extension *.wft)
  2. Use OpenIV to import the model to an image file or use "Open Folder" and point to an exported unlocked WFT file
  3. Right-click on a model file and select "Export to openFormats", then point to a directory where the openFormats files should be created
  4. Open vehicles.img with OpenIV while Edit Mode is activated
  5. On a ribbon, select New, then Import openFormats
  6. Point to a file that is an openFormats extension and then click on Open button
  7. A pop-up box appears, click on OK. If you want to lock the model, tick the "Protect Mesh (prevent future export)". This will make the model's mesh to be locked and when you import them into ZModeler, it'll show only a single model dummy helper.
This method is the best regarding unfixable issues related to ZModeler.

Download Link

LCPDFR | Mediafire | Google Drive | GTAInside


There has been general issues on the first version. Because of my less-awareness of packing the files, the model is left unlocked and in buggy situation, which it shouldn't be for a generally vehicle mod release. I highly encourage you to redownload the mod to fix the bug that it shouldn't happen in the first version. The version is marked v1.0.1 and the old obsolete version has been deleted.