Monday, March 19, 2018

San Andreas Beta

Last Nyepi wasn't so good, but I don't wanna talk about it. Family shit.

Alright, this time I'm talking about San Andreas Beta.

Long story short, my modded SA game got damaged, very much. I spent several minutes playing and BOOM! It crashed with random pointer on its executable. Idk why, though, but I think it's because of lots of HD models and textures. Another is the OS (I use Windows 10 that is up-to-date) and CLEO scripts, although none of the scripts seem to be a problem (the only thing I know is that I get better/smooth rendering of the game with the Ragdoll mod v8 installed, likely from GTAInside, although this also be the case of DK22Pac's old newOpcodes.cleo used in АПП версия 3.2.1/Active Dashboard v3.2.1, newer ones can cause crashes).

I did much of rerouting IMG files with the help of fastman92 limit adjuster. It's the way I gotta keep the game stable at all times. In other way, I had to make use of IMG Factory and Magic.TXD applications to resolve most of the problems with TXD Workshop and old IMG managers (such as Spark and Alci's IMG Editor, although old IMG Tool is still powerful for rebuilding, but importing files is problematic since its release). Crashes still occur, even though I did nothing in the process. Sometimes, the game got glitched when it's stable and played for quite a long time. The game's screen is like has captured a screenshot on one to three frames and looping from one to three all over, but the game's still running. The crazy case is when  you fly a plane. When this happened, you will fly blindly, and you'll never know when you'll hit an obstacle. The last thing you know is that you will end up in a hospital if you collided into something.

The issues I got is in a condition without Mod Loader installed. Yes, no Mod Loader, only conventional modding style.

I had to go with reinstall again, but this time, it's different. Junior_Djjr is (currently, or maybe not) working on a "Respect Vehicle Pack" that replaces old LQ cars with its equivalent in HD style, but idk when it's done (was said in San Andreas INSANITY forum thread @ GTAForums). ATM, I had to leave it for now; the pack is still in Alpha/Beta stage and I'm not ready to get it.

Plans for reinstall? Try the v7 of San Andreas Beta mod, without the use of Mod Loader. Then install the shits like HD air vehicles and add-on vehicles. I had to say, idk if the OLA can be used to break the game limits, but as far as I try, fastman92 limit adjuster has lots of limits that can be hacked compared to OLA. Now, just to note, not all modded vehicles that can be modded at the mod shop like Transfender. I did tried once and it caused a game crash, instantly. Still, some of the MKKJ's released vehicles can do a job, but still need to use custom parts to work (and I doubt it will do the problem with other car if it's not right).

Speaking of San Andreas Beta, idk much about it. Last thing I remember is that I have a San Andreas PS2 game and it was fun. I touched Internet only when I look for mobile phone games or funny videos in 3GP. In what I seem to know, beta contents of SA game is never displayed during my time to game on this video game. However, why it's surfaced after 12 years since its release?

I never searched much of San Andreas game, even its beta stage. I did finished the game only in PS2, but for PC, not yet. Same goes to GTA Vice City (but not yet on III as I don't have it). Personally, I completed GTA IV and GTA V on PC. San Andreas on PC is an exception; lots of DYOM missions lying all over the place, but I stick to what I like and in English, as I would suggest. Plus, I may have plans on translating most of SA texts using the GTA Indonesia basis, but no promises, though.

If it is true there are beta contents that are not used in what used to be today's San Andreas game, then I would like to give it a try. It's a good thing I'd like to enjoy the good old times nostalgia while the Earth is still breathing.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Well, ain't this a b*tch?

I know that yuniwii has his/her own ways of converting things he/she like, especially for the last few months he/she converted the characters from Mobile Legends. So far he/she only do the "thang" for San Andreas only, and look what I found:

Said in one of the posts that is Naruto/Boruto related that, "All mods of Naruto from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, along with (most of its) descendants, acquired from the raw material of files that packed (or raw files in *.xfbin format, shortly) by one of the Telnet users. I only convert them to GTA San Andreas, including this."

Apparently I've accessed the Rin Nohara page, I can't find the DL link; however it's embedded within the file version, and it was an upgraded old version of the mod made back 2014.

Seeing this opportunity, I'd like to make a contact to ask if I can use most of the files he/she has and converting it to GTA IV. There are a lot of tutorial videos of rigging peds in GTA IV; he/she only do some models and weirdly was also appeared in GTA V. Unfortunately, I don't see any contacts listed, and it's similar to SkylineGTRFreak; you only have to get in touch with him IF you have an account he was logging in, or add his Instagram account. Skyline did post it openly to the public. yuniwii? Don't ask.

Actually, once in a while I want to pull the raw materials from the same game also, but the free space is a bitch, and idk where to start.

There are several CPK files that are large-sized, and the biggest is the one on "disc" directory. The total space is 26 GB. "launch" directory is about 4 GB - light enough for pulling out several guts out. There are 4 patches in "patch" folder - patch 1, 3, 4, and 7. Total about 5.5 GB. For the "sim" directory, it doesn't take too large, about 3.72 GB.

I haven't yet rebooted Noesis for a while, and I've already got the conversion tools I need (CriPakTools or CPK Unpacker tool) from one of the XentaX forum threads; idk when I started the search but it was back in 2016. I haven't yet tested this in NS:UNS4; yet it was said that it can only do the extraction and importing of models of UNS2 type. Idk the last keyword I used to get that thing, though, so I'm giving it another shot.

Another b*tch thing is the San Andreas game. I've modded it with HD models and textures, but it got lousy. Most of the times the gameplay became glitched, like, the game still plays, but the screen gets awry (like you pulled a screenshot of a game and it keep displays that in a glitched frame-by-frame thing, making it look like you played in a shredded game). It also crashes the game quite often; perhaps it's because of HD-replaced car models; the one I used from one of the YT videos.

I might try to remove it one day to see if that resolve the problem; I used fastman92 limit adjuster to increase most of the size limit, but still glitched. I didn't yet expand the map (like testing the Carrier Strike Group 11 mod with the limit adjuster) or adding new vehicles into the entry. Most of the ASIs (like adding custom ramp system for Andromada (usually old mods by SkylineGTRFreak like C-17A and An-225) and Vertol (VTOL) system for Osprey that replaces Beagle) are incompatible when memory changes with the Limit Adjuster was made, especially when it comes to the Vehicle Special Features. F92LA has two types of special features; one for Hydra models (VSTOL system), and one for ZR-350 models (up and down lights). Other than that will be using Alex's (Alexander Blade's) Vehicle Special Features (and it has features for ZR-350 models as well).

Okay, for the last one, I'm about to continue the C2 project and some of the proposed IV mods that was planned several days back. And check out some good bitch things I got when I was playing Cold Waters game; you have an unaware enemy submarine and your sub is way too close with the enemy. And your sub is on ultra-quiet as well. Ain't this a b*tch?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Several Years Nostalgia and Misterix 4?

It's been a while.

After acquiring a Flare Gun mod from GTAInside few weeks ago, I started to tag dat search in Google "Misterix 4". Whatever that is, it seems like I'm trying to bring back some good old memories, although idk what kind of game is this (actually, it was a kind of "popular myths" mod, not a game - I'll try to dig up more soon).

Speaking of it, I actually played Resident Evil 6 despite tons of bad critics (people, especially JalanTikus, talked about it that it displays more of an action than horror, in both its article and YouTube video), and I'd say it's GGWP. And you know what's in my mind next?

I often started to misinterpret "Resident" as "President" and also started to make a scar on those lovely soundtracks it played while shooting stuffs, especially when it comes to like in GTA. Why "President" and not other than that?

Back when I was a junior high, there was this TV channel in Indonesia, Space Toon (now replaced by NET.) was the name. There was a program, idk the name but it's close to what I think: Game Station, or something like it. It showed every Sunday (weekends).

There was this play, a kinda cosplay, with the title "President Evil". Sounds awkward to me. Usual shit. Shooting off zombo bastards and ways of survival. Idk the story as it was complicated, as that this Leon Scott Kennedy with a partner, idk the name but not Jill Valentine, fighting off the zombos under the broken bridge when suddenly warped off outta the world after getting radio contact. Chronosphere? It's like I'm having the good old memories of Red Alert coming back - dat fictional teleportation machine that can only transport vehicles and not people. After that, idk the rest of the story.

Say, this program also shows many kinds of gaming things, from game rating to references. Once I saw one of the Naruto games was on the list, something with a title "Accel" (acceleration?) embedded into it (could have been PS2, but sadly, I don't have it and the user interface was Japanese). Could have readied my smartphone with text translation feature if I ever have one, but I doubt it is also released as an ISO image file for emulators on PC, the only thing I need is a good keyword to point in on that ISO.

Well, like I said, Indonesians can understand a bit of English despite the nature of local language as the second, but if it was another, let's say it's Japanese, and they have interest in playing it, they just give a fuck about it and try the menus one-by-one until they come to the right place. Skip the non-understandable dialogues. It's why it made so popular once in a while.

Anyway, another goddamn test of mods and had to reinstall; crashed often when going off somewhere or shooting out the cops after 10 minutes. The error is pointed on its own executable. This time I'm trying the SiMi's Complete Car Pack I just received few weeks ago when doing my time on reviewing Ezekiel's INSANITY Mods @ GTAForums. The car pack itself is sized about 2 GB, with the biggest hit on the cars and trucks, which sized about 1.85 GB. WOW! Even the author suggested to use Mod Loader, although I don't want to in many ways. However, based on my short review, this car pack DOESN'T have airplanes, boats, or helicopters embedded into it; you'll have to find them your own, online. Also, it doesn't much reflect the Evolved Car Pack for GTA IV by Jotov24 (it does have helicopters embedded). Link still exists, though, in what appears to be the once glorious GTAGaming website. Now it's dead and became a static file provider server. You just need to readjust your search keyword if you want to look on Google, because if there said "gta4-mods", it was referred to GTAGaming site with a message.

Now this "Misterix 4" is something interesting (or maybe not at all). I pointed while I search on the Bigfoot, which had a kind of "myth" that shocked San Andreas gamers. I read the article once in JalanTikus, but idk on what and when entry (there also listed other liars that done on video games). It did shocked the gamers that they eventually can't find it until (maybe several years?) people mentioned that it was found using modification that spawns Bigfoot in the forest east of LS. Now the remake was done in V as I scrolled through many pages with the "Misterix 4 Weapons" keyword. The mod also has a forum for it too.

Actually, thinking that I can do many things with fastman92 Limit Adjuster, I can dump the use of Ryosuke's Weapon Limit Adjuster and using it instead for replacement; it still does the same as in GTA: Underground, but I haven't yet tested most of the weapons. I'll try when I get the chance. Still, the weapon sound is a concern, as Ryosuke ones had a setting to adjust weapon sound, with a bug that the added weapons can shoot at 100% accuracy (WTF? Too Real Guns?). Let's hope the fastman92's can do the same as Ryosuke's.

And as all you have to know, the Insanity forum will be closed for more posts. I guess Ezekiel wanted to stop developing the insane mods, but idk. Ezekiel stated so at page 30 of the forum post.

Enjoy your day, readers. Over and out.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cold Waters - Fully Moddable?

Idk, though, it sounds awkward to me. Maybe you the more advanced GTA Modders like me will understand.

So I found an awesome entry of modding details about this Cold Waters game and it contains step-by-step on how to modify ship physicals, weapons, and even DYOM (Design Your Own Mission). Personally, I tested the North Atlantic 1984 campaign and it was fucking awesome. Being repeatedly win and lost doesn't seem to stop me, except if I had to face on this... Flappy Bird game. You'll never know when you'll break your phone and went on repairs that cost you few or maybe hundreds to thousands of dollars.

To short, I literally hate the people who just lost the game and then broke everything in front of him/her like a psycho (no offense), unless if the guy is a rich man/woman who can afford a new one and start over. To me, I'd like to put the hatred somewhere else, like in... Counter-Strike: Global Offensive... I can use cheats there in SP to f*ck the AI system, like manipulating the gravity to like "sticking on the earth like a strong magnet", or make it like no gravity like in outer space and make it stick on earth and they commited suicide (said that the player took xxx damage, from the earth).

I can do something with this game, with all the resources at hand...

Say, I can be able to create a short campaign and several missions here, from my one of the short stories called "Battle of Galway" that took place in 2002. You can download the PDF of what the story look like at Collection 2: Into the Deepest Part of the World from my second blog site.

For the start, I'm going to manipulate the 1984 campaign to add a new city called Galway in Ireland. The place is very close to the home port, Holy Loch, in England (UK).

Since this is a sea world, let's say that Lemoore de France insurgents had a lot of warships and transport ships instead of fighter aircrafts and tanks, and they started to claim northern seaboard. Hey ho!

I had to say, why I call this short, because task is relatively simple: take out the ships and LDF will start to surrender. Less enemy submarines. But then again, miscommunication led the commanding officers to falsely think about the soldiers gone AWOL. The Strike Mission included will make the soldiers fried in the missile shot, but when the mission has passed, it was a failure, however, because they have fled the missile attack.

Well, there are other crazy things I want to do with this game, but I'd start with a simple one: creating a simple Single Mission. And I told you, from the modding guide, this is a next level DYOM for submarine and sea battle simulation, because it requires simple scripting and how-to that can be learned from there.

Anyway, if you wonder WTF is this Cold Waters game, you can try by downloading and installing it from Ova Games website (click here). It's not too big on your size, though, nor it's too heavy. It requires only 2 GB of your disk's free space and a medium computer specification. This game is similar to San Andreas, only with the simulation and water world genre plus semi-HD models and textures, without action shooter and driving (actually, you are driving and navigating a submarine).
Review can be found here.

However, not all of them is fully moddable; ship models, aircraft models, weapon models, anything other than "StreamingAssets" directory is preset; you cannot add or replace any models here, and what you have is what you can design. As for images, it's also ditto as the models, but you can add custom images on your own. Mine has couple thousands of images and surely it can do something for it, at least.

Next up is... I know some of you San Andreas or V modders know about how the users can design airline or fighter jet skins, but the problem is, where they can get the template? That's where I'm trying to find out. Google Search keyword of "aircraft skin template" however, is not enough, because the search is widening.

For the F-15, however, I know exactly how the templates form for SkylineGTRFreak's F-15C/J mod in V. LockOnFiles and DCS website has one template for it since the base model is made by Gys and Valery. As for the other planes, I'm not so sure. This is where I need to find out.

And so, I'm out. Have a nice day, readers.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Insanity Mods? (Part 3)

I'm writing again about this INSANITY MOD Ezekiel is working, for the third time.

I just want to know, idk what went wrong, but I just applied 5 mods by him into the game without using Mod Loader, and it crashed right before the game is fully loaded.

Mods I installed are as follows:
  1. INSANITY Grove Street
  2. INSANITY Vegetation
  3. Reflections Mod (found somewhere during the yesterday's forum thread review)
  4. INSANITY Construction Site
  5. INSANITY Items
I installed fastman92's Limit Adjuster for the errors to be logged (since Win10 has no error report unless you read it at the Action Center). I put files from extracted, provided custom image file to objects.img file that separates world objects and ambient  objects (peds, vehicles, weapons, etc.), but as the game loads, the error pointed on objects.img file, which is sourced from the extracted custom image file inside. I deleted them and reload, and the game refused to load as "model xxxx do not have collision loaded". First is from the reflx files. Second is the LOD building in LS after restoring LA map files.

Also, the size grew larger very fast, as I have expected. With SRT3, the gta3.img size rose up to 1.91 GB, while the objects.img rose up to near 450 MB. This is because several HD Textures are in place.

Anyway, that car pack SiMi provided, if you install manually (without using Mod Loader), it'll literally gonna break either gta3.img or objects.img, because it's sized 2 GB for an extracted archive and you'll not gonna have an empty room for additional mods, unless if you can bypass the IMG Archives loaded limit using fastman92 Limit Adjuster or install it with Mod Loader.

I had to drop these insane world enrichment mods by Ezekiel as I preferred to not use a Mod Loader, although most of the people does. I'd stick to conventional way of installing mods, as I have done this repeatedly for 8 years.

Oh yeah, that objects.img file, it's a utility mod I made to separate categorization between world objects and cars/peds/weapons/animations/misc objects. Those are grabbed differently and I've mapped two IMG archives (one for animations, one for this cars/peds/weapons/anims/misc objects categorization) as the game itself can load 9 at max.

I may gonna release it soon, but no promises, though.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Insanity Mods? (Part 2)

I'm back again in writing about this INSANITY MOD by Ezekiel that he has been working on recently, after all this and that... (you know, kudos, angry people, lovers)

Anyway, recent release, the Construction Site theme, was found in my recent browsing on my phone last noon (like, midday). And I was in the forums page. And look on how colorful the forums page are. It's like what I tell you, kudos, angry people, lovers, and more likely you will met impatient people who want to get a mod from certain ready in a flash, or otherwise they will consider the project is dead, like Left 4 Theft and San Andreas '95 Story mods that I last visited, like, few months back.

I'm having interesting talks to tell you in this writing. Ready your ears, readers.


So I pursued the description from that mod release Ezekiel conducted and it led me to this GTAForums thread. I saw most of preview images were busted (or unavailable), but some are still operable. From there, I found download links and interesting talks when browsing through several pages, with an exception of angry people and those who are impatient. Most of them argued too much. TOO MUCH, if you ask me. Once I stumbled across a funny talk about "plz release it, i wanna go to skool," and the other guy replied, "go f*** yourself, nobody cares if u go to skool, u r childish." I don't think it found any sense about it; yet I have a schedule to keep, and I care less if people do their own activities, including what I'm doing now and in the future. Most people don't like to intrude unless it's necessary.

I've been getting several download links that people will like, such as this car pack, recently found dead end on the last page, but people said that it wasn't a part of INSANITY MODs as it's intended to make the game models go HD without changing its base model. I don't open YT videos at this rate, and I'm watching and subscribing which I like. So, I use my bypass by downloading the YT page instead of opening the URL and the video auto-plays. I chose to download both web page and the video using separate download managers. Video is with YouTube Downloader HD, web page with IDM. Easy as pie.

Before I continue further, I'll give you the link I got from the video description that was told:

[DL] Complete CarPack [AD] [IVF] [GTA SA] 1080p by SiMi
Part 1 (fix) | Part 2 (fix)

This was got on page 29 of the forum thread. Don't ask.

Crazy Links

Coincidence or not, on page 6 of the forum thread, I found several links that led me to something new for San Andreas Improvement. Listen to JaggedX99's words:
Hey there! Great mod, love the progress so far!
First thing is I see that in a screenshot you are using ped-spec on CJ. While that looks better than default SA, the mod Normal Map Plugin creates a much better effect.

I also have a few suggestions of other mods you could combine or work together with.

HRT 1.4 - "HRT 1.4 is remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas; a project of full textures replacement. Also mod includes improved models and other features."
This mod is doind pretty much the same thing you are. If you were to work together and share assets or combine the mods that would be great.

Open San Andreas - "Open San Andreas (OpenSA, OSA, Project OSA) is a major modification which makes most of GTA San Andreas interiors (+ 5-10% custom interiors) accessible via GTA IV style - dynamic doors or actual walkways instead of EnEx markers"
Combining these mods would really give the game that 'next-gen' feel.

Project San Andreas - Development has stopped but they uploaded the files with their files and assets so you could use those. There's some really useful looking stuff there.

SRt3 Mipmap 2014 - "SRt3 it's a San Andreas Mod, that retextures the entire map. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is to retexture any piece/object of San Andreas by textures of much higher quality."
Although this mod only retextures, the textures look better than HRT (in my opinion), so it's another option.
And that's all the ones I can remember for now, will post more once I stumble across them again.
Good luck developing!
Edit 1: Just one request: PLEASE eventually make the roads better quality (the mesh, make it higher poly/less jagged)
I've seen no SA mod do this, roads are ROUND. Jeez.
Edit 2: Does it work with SA Render and 2dfx?
In conclusion, I got new references: OSA, which I just opened before this writing made, and Project San Andreas - no one knows what went here and what went there, but I'll give it a look later. The words made Ezekiel shocked like sh*t. Others will surely follow.

GODLIKE! Computer Specification?

I tell you, it's GODLIKE!, judging from the told specs.
This was found on page 17 of the forum thread and it was interesting. There mentioned Intel Core i7 (one processor on most online shops in Indonesia is near 5 million Rupiahs) with speed of outrageously 4.67 GHz and 8 cores, 32 gigabytes of RAM (perhaps DDR4 or DDR5), and GeForce GTX 980 GPU card (with top price of 40 million Rupiahs on Tokopedia), reportedly with 4 gigabytes of VGA RAM and SLI support.

Mine's still way below the one LackaGTA owned. My new PC (bought like, few years back) is Intel Core i5 with speed of 2.7 GHz and 4 cores (reportedly can go up to 3.1 GHz using CPU-Z and Task Manager), 16 gigabytes of RAM, and Radeon RX 470 GPU card with 4 gigabytes of VGA RAM. Price with a new set of motherboard and casing was about 10 million Rupiahs, the cheapest, yet the most affordable and compatible with more modern and high complexity games, of which I mentioned earlier about games like Grane Theft Auto V and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I feel envious, but I don't want to waste a lot of money to get a new computer again. I don't like when people gets pissed when I want to buy something that's not people wanted. It's my parents, in this instance. I love them, I kiss them, I hug them, and I help them like an old and elderly. It has been two weeks since my grandma died...

Off-Skroz and Poetry?

Maybe someone is talented, maybe not. Why argue?
I found 2 interesting things within page 7 of the thread, the Off-Skroz, and a kind of like expression poetry by HeySlickThatsMe.

Ezekiel said at the opening of the page, he said "Yes Off-Skroz", then like, August 20, turbocharger said,
"Off-skroz" lel

Not everyone will understand.
Then it was followed by funny Cyrillic texting "But off скроз" by misterright1 and "Yеп, офф скроз." What's dis? Russian forum? 😂

Now here's the HeySlickThatsMe's turn. Listen.
i can say only thing
this mod looks better than gta 5 for me
it is the one of mods that i like
even looking at the pictures makes me hyped it is so beautifull
the best thing is
that also you are creating sounds by mixing random / gta 4 and gta 5 sounds
the same with map you mix it with random / gta 4 and gta 5 textures and custom models
and the same with cj it is so awesome
the hype train gonna explode in 5 seconds
even looking at the villa that is on the first pictures (the old ones that you created)
it looks so awesome that.... that.... *boom* hypetrain exploded :D

it is so awesome
cant wait for the release
this mod gives me a realistic felling
i love mods like this cuz you know
i like big cities (especialy in nights then the lightning looks beautifull) and if there are some palms
it makes me explode like that hypetrain lol

love that mod

even that realistic terrain is awesome i mean
you are on the mountain
you just walk walk and walk or drive drive and drive and now you see snow
that looks awesome
i suggest trying adding snow particles that are in high places in mountains
would be also nice to see some pigeons flying in the sky maybe some animals like deers and you can hunt
then with adding some like hunting mod (backpack , tent) this would look sick!

also next idea: try adding some accessories for cj like gta 5 michael backpack , robbing bags maybe fire fighter uniform?
to make it more epic!

*again hype train explodes and my brain explodes*
sry cant write anything my brain exploded looking at the screenshots  :lol:

and again i need to write next idea
try adding some interiors
i know that it is a lot of work but like fib building would be cool
with accessible interior maybe try adding gta 5 destroyed interior but try fixing it like delete broken things and make it like normal building

also i can help with this
i can make some nice blips (gta 5 and gta 4 ones)
and im gonna try to make my own radar i mean the minimap
i can also find good outfits etc that would look nice on carl johnson
like replace pimp suit with some tuxedo from gta 5 or gta 4
 Now I gotta have to say, YOU, ARE, TALENTED. But awkwardly, turbocharger replied, "Did you intend to write a poem, or you just wrote that in Notepad?" HeySlickThatsMe replied "idk lol."

GTAInd, the one I follow on the Blog Feed, STEALERS? 

I'm a bit surprised, that's why GTAInd website was full of DYOM craps of local people in my country; even a friend of mine told a story that they frequently plays DYOM missions of horror theme. What's this, a new DreadOut game?

Speaking of it, I don't play DreadOut. No, never. I started to hate horror movies and games the moment I realize that there's no barrier to freak the fucking me out.

Once in a while I checked the blog feed about GTAInd. Most of them are DYOMs in Indonesian language, and in a most likely, CRAP (no offense). That includes the one uploaded by ARINNE @ GTAInside: "Save Miku" (singer Hatsune Miku in prison?) and "Challenge Kagamine" (singer Hatsune Miku challenged the Kagamine twins in a car race with LSPD on your ass). One point, like, 2016, I found a skin pack of several protagonists from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, of which it includes unfamiliar, but recognized in the anime series, such as the temperamental Iwabe Yuino, a potential hacker Denki Kaminarimon, the girl who wished to be a WMD in episodes 13 and 14 Sumire Kakei and the summoning animal called Nue, this fat bomber girl like in Angry Birds movie ChoCho Akimichi, a talented artist who draw pictures in full color Inojin Yamanaka, the second Albert Einstein Shikadai Nara, and the daughter of Uzumaki family Himawari Uzumaki. Idk where the user got it, but it was damn effective for my new DYOM mission: Yakuza Hunter. Likely enough that he doesn't mention where he got that, although I'd personally like to look for original resources. Unfortunately, none of the users in GTAInside release that model pack, and it was likely sourced from maybe the Russian, Portuguese, or Spanish websites. I'm not sure the location unless if I put a good keyword on Google.

Okay, back to topic. This is quite interesting, yet surprising to me, because I never thought that GTAInd is just a mere local modding website, but unfortunately, FULL OF STEALERS (in what's look like, despite DYOM missions are pure locals made). I found this on page 11 of the thread, and Samid_27 started this "issue about GTAInd".
Hey man, i got a stealer, he give another link to your mods
 Eevee said,
What kind of link are you posting?

EDIT: Lol nevermind, its just Microsoft Edge error. And also, they aren't stealing they putted the original author name and not some dumb noob's name.
 Jinx: "He just posted a link where he spotted some guys uploading the OP's mod on their database. It's just obvious enough, lol."

Eevee: "No not that :p, I cant access it from Microsoft Edge since it thinks that its an invalid link."

Ah :p

Also lol, Microsoft Edge. Use Internet Explorer or Chrome, since it works for me.
 Aerovitia: "GTA-Ind are actually contains many stolen mods by a bunch of Indonesian memester kids who runs SA on a netbook (and to the extend, the site owner who calling himself an 'enterpreneur'). Even the site logo are obviously ripped from GTA-Inside."

Eevee: "Ive been wondering why I cant use the link on Microsoft Edge, thought it was GTAInside link :p then when I used chrome I noticed the logo was the same as GTAInside"

Marty McFly: "That's right, many of my mods are on this site also. Seems like Indonesians can't come up with anything new on themselves, only copy and modify but not invent. And when you call them out for stealing, they seem to not understand at all that it is morally false to fake authorship for someone else's mod."

I'm very sorry about this and I respect every modders of you who give something to this community. Yes, I've seen hundreds (or maybe thousands?) stolen mods and shame on me that some of them are from Indonesia.

But I just want to clarify some things. Not every Indonesian modders are stealer. Some of my friends are working on mods from scratch (car mods for example). And they all are one of the best modders I've ever known. Yes, I've seen people complaining their mods been stolen because of Indonesian people. I'm sorry for this, I can't do much to prevent that thing to happen again.
Never judge a Book by It's cover is really necessary in this case. I know few Indonesian Modders who came up with their own, made it from scratch, and release it, and then they're stolen. Yes, there really is a Lazy Indonesian who can't do anything and can't differ what's Morally true or wrong. 

I have saw many Indonesian Modders are talented, Mindfully opened, and really Handling their Skills. But, every bright side has their own dark.
See what I mean?

Well, I had to admit. I grabbed mods, I invent them, and if there is something I like to add, I'll tamper them. This is where the creativity talks, people. Modding is about creativity and imagination. If you want a dream on making something worthy (or even less worthy, but there's a large in need to others) for the people, create your own mods.

TBH, I'm taking an example of jojo2791's awesome Passenger scripts. It's now in development progress to make most helicopters compatible. And yeah, this is coordinates-demanding, because it requires lots of game tests to see the results, or (if the model is unlocked) use ZModeler to calculate the offsets of a new helicopter I'm trying.

I've also developed a great idea of solving modding issues when gta3.img archive size exceeds 2 GB. I even have a full test on a stock game and it runs like you are running fresh without mods. I'll tell you about this later when it's released.

However, since I work alone, idk if some of my SA mods are released in GTAInd, although my disclaimer said "free redistribution, with author's name mentioned clearly". I'll try use a unique keyword to locate if my mods are uploaded in GTAInd. Likewise, I only grab some of them from there if nothing exists within Google Search.

I can pull a valuable message from that conversation. You know where that is, right?


While I continued to scroll within pages and pages of the forum thread, I found one interesting WIP mod and forum thread that comprised of 4D(?) universe of GTA in old RAGE - the V to SA and IV to SA mod. The tall-tale is simple: replaces San Andreas map with the map from GTA V and GTA IV. Nothing else to say.

It is said that the mod is WIP and worked by only two Russian people. Idk what to say, but for a lone modder like me, two people working on a TC mod is VERY AWESOME.

INSANITY Artworks and Audio Pack

Well, there's nothing more to tell beside angry and impatient people demanding to make a release of INSANITY MOD by Ezekiel, but as the page scrolling continued on and on, Ezekiel has created two other forum threads: one is about artworks (even pages on IG or Twitter put their eyes on him) and another is the audio pack.

The artworks is where you can admire some of his creativity of work. The Audio Pack is about the release of a HD audio pack that can go alongside INSANITY MODs.

Artwork Thread
Audio Pack Thread

If you want to download his audio pack you can go straight to page 2 or from this quick-link to GTAInside.

Well, at least this is one of the longest blog post I ever made (perhaps this is the first). All these writings are made based on my heart's content, and my intention to let people know more about me, either real-life or virtual. It's like, I'm reviewing the contents of this forum thread to let you know what will happen next to this forum in the future. In the end, all rests to the Almighty whether this thread can be the same again like last year or different in 2018.

I hope you enjoy much of what I review from the thread. Stay tuned for more and have a nice day, readers.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Can't find it... (part 2)

Well, despite another unlucky results, I had to admit about how the prone animation possible in jojo's version. It was his own creation, or likewise, using custom animations plugin.

I've searched in a place where such mods placed altogether with scripts and anims in place. Scrolled through the 2010 files, none.

To conclusion, it was a scratch-made script, but never meant to be released. However, animations were easy to find, except when moving in prone - it doesn't count in.

I'm still in modding community, but no uploads at this point. I'm still busy despite the post-midnight event where people still sleeps before they wake up at 3 or 4 a.m., goddamn jobs are at queue in this point...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Insanity Mods?

You tell me. Yesterday was a thorough search of jojo2791's prone animation script, but I'd like to drop it.

I've been thinking many uncomfortable ways of messing around San Andreas files, especially when it comes to plantation and HD models/textures. In a likelihood, it will end up nearing 2 GB size of gta3.img, because like I said, my style of San Andreas modding is without Mod loader and only one of the preferred Limit Adjusters (Open Limit Adjuster or fastman92 Limit Adjuster). I'd like to stick to conventional way where possible, and I tell you, this is complexity-demanding. If you want to expand SA map (for example, installing a large-sized map or added a new model and put it right into the game), you need to broke the limits. If you don't, it'll crash OTW to the game (usually on the loading sequence or after the game is loaded).

OLA I used is provided alongside the Project 2dfx for San Andreas, and it has a positive impact over the game, such as streaming memory management. This way, I do not need memoryxxx.cs script fastman92 provided for CLEO (majorly provided on almost all of Flame's Seasonal Packs and HRT 1.3 Enhanced Edition), so that managing size of memory will be easy as pie and can be adjusted according to your PC specs.

Maybe I can do something one day with one of those limit adjusters, such as installing the USS Nimitz mod and adjusted them to make it game-friendly. It has been repeatedly failed (or CTD) because of new IDE and model files in mass size. I bet ashslow @ GTAInside still provides them, however, I did have a full pack of Nimitz and the supporting fleet (Arleigh Burke, Patuxent, etc.) from Skyline's old blog site. I'll go check again later if the link is still alive.

Actually, I did installed USS Nimitz and the supporting fleet other than the original game; that is, on a custom game made by sany-kyn (villagers think that US has made a landing operation over the Land of Fire as a step to temporarily gain territory from the Russian invasion). The models assigned there were significantly lower than the original game, making it suitable for testing map mods (on which it was built up from the clean map using MapCleaner) on a RAGE. So... you can tell that sometimes an F-18 may crash on Leaf village, or maybe an Osprey crash-landed near the Mist village. Or a submarine passing through the Great Naruto Bridge on periscope depth. Who knows?

Okay then, back to topic. I'm calling this "Insanity Mods" because as the mod name suggests, it provides top quality of the San Andreas game while maintaining originality of the environment. I've seen 2 mods while searching:
 The earlier is making the Grove Street much alive with interactive world environment, later is the new weapons pack and items, making it a suitable replacement for most of the weapons and pickup items. Size is much friendly for conventional style like me (option for Light version in first without Mod loader) and serious tester or no hassle style (option for Aero version in first with Mod loader).

Idk how will it look like when it's installed in the game; at this point, my game is serious-packed with HRT and Project Oblivion, plus cars from GTA IV and some HD weapons. I'm thinking about reinstalling, so that I can allow customization about how the game should like, for DYOM missions and testing. The game sometimes stuck after loading, and crashed most often when using ImVehFt (fixed by deleting gta_sa.set and replay.rep files). Right now I don't have any intention yet to start the new game from the scratch without expansive mods or cheats, with only world cosmetics, weapon mods (cosmetics only), and SilentPatch, as I'm having a lot of works to do.

Right now, the only consideration is to make HD Models and Textures fit in a single gta3.img, and separate vehicle, ped, and animation models in another image file. So here's the idea that suit me well: since only a max of 5 IMG files to be loaded in gta.dat (plus 3 basic image files unlisted - gta3.img, gta_int.img, and player.img), I decided to drop Ryosuke's Skin Selector mod as it doesn't go well with my style, especially my plans on v6 of Naruto GXT Packet Chara and Jutsu CLEO (idk when I will start that project). I've tried to remap the animation files to anim.img placed latter on Autumn Sunshine mod, but it crashed right after the prologue text when a new game is started. I placed OLA there, and only OLA.

I'm trying to make a mixture of one of Flame's Seasonal Mods with HRT 1.3, but all end up with gta3.img size overcapped, about more than 2 GB with a new offset that even IMG Tool or Alci's IMG Editor cannot rebuild on an oversized image file. To short, I haven't yet tried the fastman92 IMG Console, but it's said that it can support IMG file up to 8 TB size and also compatible for GTA IV and a newly customized version. I'd say, this maybe is the next-gen IMG Tool, but currently I can't prove anything of that.

So, most likely I will remap the peds, vehicles (including vehicle mods), and weapons to be in place with Project Oblivion image file, yet with custom remap and repositioning its contents right into gta3.img, directly. It's like a content swap. You moved items from box A to box B, and moved items from box B to box A. Simple as that. That way, I will have no hassle anymore about gta3.img file is overcapped because of HD models and textures in one place, and any other models are placed in cutscene.img, which is awkwardly, intended for cutscenes (but WTF it can still be able to load?). Unfortunately, this will cause  model rendering issues with GGMM (GTAGarage Mod Manager) as it loads vehicle and weapon models from gta3.img (can cause frequent memory errors when scrolling through vehicles or weapons, but still be able to replace data files without worrying to be misplaced, duplicated, or typo).

The starter idea of this project will be the San Andreas Retextured mod (SRT3). I'm not using HRT or some sort, but yet I will include the Unofficial Patch to add game fixes. Once done, Project Oblivion is next, followed by Behind Space of Realities, and then concluded with HD models/items. From there on in, vehicles and peds come next.

There's also some HD stuffs I got while searching; maybe I can implement them in the game while I do some of my free time.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Can't find it...

I've already got nearly 100/120 mods from GTAInside, but actually I can't find it. I've searched back until the 2014 releases but all I got is nothing.

To short, I'm looking for the lengthened animation script the one created by jojo2791, in what appears to be exact same as old BF3 prone animation in 2013/2014. His mod that made back in 2015, "Health Point Indicator" or some sort, has a quotation in the Readme that,
"The icon of the lengthened soldier will not work because it is an animation added in the game accompanied by a mod that I created to pass in lengthen in addition to standing and crouching."
I'd say, this is an extra animation compared to the replaced ones, like the one I tried on GTA Konoha mod by Bugagastic (found one on DVD purchase when my mom went for magister college) and the other one by sany-kyn, all in Russian flavor.

I've searched for it in Misc section, because everything related to miscellaneous items and animations  are there. However, after nearly 200 pages (searched until the old 2014 records), nothing. So my anxiety rises: if such animation "WEAPON_LENGTHEN" exists, does it imitate similar to the replaced crouch animation? Or it doesn't work at all?

I've found a chunk of the code that says like this:
Or like this:

Both of these came from the decompiled CLEO script of his (jojo2791), in which it is said that the prone animation is possible from another custom script, but somehow cannot be found if you browse through couple thousands, maybe hundred thousands of mods in GTAInside alone, on single game type.

So this is where the writing comes in. He got screenshots to tell how the prone animation works alongside the health indicator, in which it's similar to BF3 prone animation intended to replace the crouching animation. I got no idea how he scripted that, and how does it work, yet I can't seem to link on his user profile unless if he has commented (fortunately, he does). I'd start there if I were you, but I'd like to drop it because I got works coming in.

So, despite this unlucky search, I've got valuable mods for my SA game. Did install and reinstall since there are some mods that can't accept things, in which my style of GTA:SA game is without Modloader, and I'm using Limit Adjuster (Open Limit Adjuster, has simplified complexity than fastman92's Limit Adjuster). I'm majorly playing and designing DYOM, but personally I haven't visited the DYOM Paradise website since several years back, maybe four or more years. If I have a time, I'd like to visit it. Though once I'd like to get a 100% Save Game purely, with only weapons mod (cosmetics) and no cheat (to bring back the old PS2 era), I'd say this is quite impossible, but worth the risk if possible. I may get 100+ wasted or busted counter in the end, and if I have only free jobs, it can be done the same way you play Fallout 4 in the process; it can take months to get a 100% completion.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Models of Construct 2 Project

I feel a quite lonely in the house with the departure of my grandma to heaven. However, I feel both happy and sad to see her on the stairway to heaven. May God rest her soul.

Okay, many people asked me, "buddy, why the f*** are you so crazy? Why'd you have a wild combination that is out of the box? Why you liked Naruto and combining it with modern warfare, with guns and shit? What's your passion?" It's a simple answer in mind, and I said, "my wild imagination tells me to do so."

Once I told ya readers that I have a wild imagination since I was a kid. I once dreamed to be a police officer, soldier, and pilot. However, that's all gone away since I don't have a matching criteria for a registrant of such job. Police officers and soldiers tend to have daily sports which I don't have. Pilots must have a sharp mind through many simulation trainings before going for real life jobs.

Stuck being a programmer is a way to keep my living, but idk for how long. I did loved the computer lessons while I was a senior high man, but idk why, nowadays, I can't think about the title for the Final Project, even though I learned all the shits the teachers taught. The delayed Construct 2 project is a bad situation I'm having in. Mom's always insisted me to finish up the task, every time.

I did said that I logged in to Pinterest to grab the materials I need. I'm planning to grab several characters for collection and for C2 project.

After the grandma's ash burial yesterday dusk at Ancol, Jakarta, the family of I and another family members from Sumatra went to a mall for dinner. After dinner, some of the family members asked me to come along for "shopping companion". Long walks for hundreds of steps until I stumbled across something interesting. Here's the fun part I want to look up on Google Search.

I did told ya again readers about Paw Patrol, that Nickelodeon cartoon show about emergency service dogs. Most of these K-9s (canines) owned by Ryder has specific works related to the real-life emergency services. There are 5 dogs (pups to be exact): a police dog, a firefighter dog, a "sanitation" dog, a construction dog, and a pilot dog (ain't that the one I saw in Snakes on the Plane?). Now I'm telling ya to see how crazy my imagination is.

You see, I'm trying to accomplish the C2 project for my "Live Work" (Kerja Praktek) college lesson that is recommended to grab in order to accomplish the S1 college. A lot of inspirations are put to this work and plans I've been doing, but after my travels yesterday I want to put some extra things to the project beside hostages like in Metal Slug. Paw Patrol that you see in the battlefield will help you get through emergency situations, such as building on fire and bridge cut out. Some can get you bonuses, such as air reconnaissance and weapons aid. Let's make it detailed like this:
  • Police dog can aid you with giving the police-issued weapon (Colt M4), power-ups, and extra "bomb" to the player
  • Firefighter dog can aid you clearing out the building on fire (obstacle that cannot be get through)
  • "Sanitation" dog can help you repair the bridge that is out
  • Construction dog can help you clearing out the building or sand rubble (another obstacle ditto as the building on fire)
  • Pilot dog can provide you air reconnaissance (useful in both air and ground missions)
The pups can sometime available as one, two or three, depending on the situation. Note that you cannot depend always on them, as they are special characters that were sent from the homebase at Adventure Bay, nearly 100/120 miles off the coast of Land of Fire. Reaching the US-controlled outposts are hard.

If this can be applied, I'd like to look for the sprites of them, including their vehicles. However, it is quite likely (by 75% or 60%) that I'm going to apply this once the basic operations are up and working (need to complete several stages first, and I'd like to make it 10). Once up, I'll consider putting this, but no promises though. This is inspired by the storybook and "apparently" action figure models that I saw "only" the outside. If no sprites, a likely chance that this option will be dropped and replaced by something else.

You see, it's my own intention to make the world of arts go a bit crazy from the usual as many people has done their own creative ideas, such as graffiti drawing. My art of imagination, comprised of technological wonders, can make it even crazier that what you think. It's not my wish to make the world go crazy, though, but this is the way I describe diversity. Even though I liked Naruto most of the times, I decided to be who I am. That's why I don't get involved with cosplayers, although I respect their creativity.

Last but not least, it's important to know who you are and why do you exist as a children of God. You have a goal to take, and that takes you to create the world a better place to live.

Okay, I'm out. Maybe it's time to do my work, but... I gotta break again for a few days. Stay safe and have a nice day, readers.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Logging In More Just to Grab Lots of Materials

Instead of GUID Generator, I'd chose the other way, from a website that generates random password every-fucking-time the Facebook alerted me about someone's breaking in to my account while I'm using it. This is a rare event to me that a user is warned about a locked account which used somewhere else, but it's used on your own. In my case, I'm not using VPNs of any kind. No. Never. Nobody's phising me in, it's all on my use now.

I might gonna start the cleanup of last login places that happened in the past and now to see if that takes effect (maybe now, maybe later). The only thing I need is the strong password whenever the Facebook requested one (either phising alert or my desire to change it on my own). I logged out of Instagram to see if manual login can be done, but apparently, because I registered and logged in from Facebook, idk the password, so I reset it. Both IG and FB are using strong passwords now, and other sites remain as it is.

Okay, now the fun part of Construct 2 project. So I registered myself to Pinterest just to grab the materials I need for game designing project. It hasn't started yet.

Since my grandma died, the project was halted (again) for 3 to 4 days, and the days I spent for the last minute are either news feed, videogame, or YouTube videos. Today's still the mourning day of my grandma since she was cremated yesterday. Our family want to "sunk" her ash down into the ocean, as the Balinese people have a tradition to do so when they have a died family member.

I'm targeting sprites of Naruto characters and the Army, since I did my part of combining ninja warfare and modern warfare. This is my own fan fiction of Masashi's creation, which adds world enrichment of peacekeeper missions. ATM, I found almost every characters of Naruto that I can use and some Army men sprites that can be used as a boss, but there are many things that are still lacking:
  • Common Army personnel (like those you see in Metal Slug)
  • Tank (any general shape that describe Russian (T-55, T-72, and T-80) and US (M1 Abrams) tanks)
  • Aircraft (any general shape that describe Russian (MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29, Tu-160, Il-76) and US (F-16 Fighting Falcon) aircrafts)
  • Background environment (such as ruined city, opened grounds, skies, and forest)
  • Weapons (for player character to wield onto since Ninjas only have Shurikens and Kunais, such as M9 pistol, TT Tokarev (TT Pistol), AK-47, Colt M4, Uzi SMG, and Remington 870, at least in any general shape that has different specs)
  • Power-up Boxes (weapon pickups, extra life, anything that resembles the "Kids Jaman Old" (old-school kids) stuffs from the old Metal Slug video game)
  • more I can't think about
 The project, same as I did with my NooseMod, also comes to a halt, but eventually I'll continue it since the LCPDFR project of NooseMod was stuck to an undescribed error, which it affects the internal plugin routine. Neither I nor LtFlash know about this unexpected event, so after these days there are no inbound messages to the forum post. I decided to drop the project and made the source code open to the public from my GitHub since it was impossible to find out what caused the problem. Why? The error affected the internal plugin routine, not with the NooseMod plugin. If I had to redesign, that means removing bonus cash and database recording system. If bonus cash removed, that means no penalty on hostages, squad, and police officers in the field, and also no profit in either killing or arresting the suspects. Everything will be remodeled.

Idk the fate of this NooseMod project in the future, though. In fact, I had started other projects, like NooseMod without LCPDFR plugin (personal update of _hax's original mod), SecuricarTheft (LCPDFR plugin), and the redux version of Supervillains (LCPDFR plugin) since last year. Those are still in personal beta test and not yet in full alpha test.

So many ways I want to model how the game should like. However, I started up myself with the main menu, since most of the games are using main menu as the initial interface. The flowchart and drawing concept of the program will be drawn as the game development progresses. Tutorial was provided, so, when the menu is done, I'll start the game modeling.

It's like I'm doing 3 tasks at the same time, and unlike video games (even though the objectives are 3, but you still need to complete one to advance), but my sacrificial isn't started yet. I still need to come up with my grandma's last journey to the open waters at the northern beach of Jakarta. The house has becoming quite silent since my grandma's departure to heaven.

World is changing so fast, and so are we the humans. You'll never know when the Grim Reaper comes after your soul. All we have to do is to pray and wish for the longer life to God so that we can enjoy how the world should be. Forget about things like predictions of Earth Destruction, or the North Korean Nuclear program. Just think about the future for the next year, next 10, 20, 30, or more years; hell, 100 years if you have to.

Well, I'm out again. It's almost time for the last voyage of my grandma. This is looked much like Indian style to me.

Monday, January 29, 2018

The last of the Holiday Week, Mo Problems

Yep, I'm having a lotta problems right now. My grandma's hospitalized and went coma for... almost a month. Me and my computer. I had to delay the work on Construct 2 project (again) as I had to fill my shit with unproductive hobby of mine. I shoulda want to be an online gamer instead of doing gaming and game modding hobby and publishing mods. If I had to, I'd choose the one with a shooter genre, no matter any other genres are contained. Yeah, this is the truth I'm having. Besides that, I still lack on resources, but got an idea for the next Google Search keyword.

I'll put aside to that and lemme tell ya about the situation I'm having now.

You see, DK22Pac posted a screenshot of his Radio HUD mod and was showing off the map of GTA IV, of which it was actually running on San Andreas platform. Another mod like custom trailers (stairs trailer and things like that in IV) was posted as well, in a map that it wasn't normal for GTA San Andreas.

And this is where it started. Google Search found a hit on one I'm looking for, but I'm not certain that this is IV Map Mod for SA (lucky hit on ModDB page). Another hit was a forums page, an old one since 9 years ago, saying that there was an image file that was corrupted and asking help. Yet, I'm in for a big problem of mods since I got a GTA Konoha disc from a retailer, like... when my mom's in a college for the magister program. It's my usual shit of installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling since I got Flame's Seasonal Packs (Spring Season, Endless Summer, Autumn Sunshine, and Winter Vacation) along with other things that come in (VCS PC Edition Beta 3 "Blue Hesper" - discountinued project, Snow Andreas 3.8 - the one and only in Softpedia, Flame's HRT 1.3 mod, etc.).

Also, in one occasion, MKKJ mentioned one unfamiliar mod in his Advanced Track Player mod, the GTA IV HUD mod, of which this is not done by Alex (Alexander Blade - it was made back in 2008, 10 years ago), but another user "_AG" on GTAForums. In short, this is the latest one compared to the Alex's one that was made 10 years ago, for waiting the release of IV that day.

_AG's IV HUD system was grabbed differently compared to Alex's one, which Flame reported that it sometimes crash the game (?). The HUD also features advanced mechanism for HUD colors, similar to GTA IV and GTA EFLC (both TLAD and TBoGT), of which Alex's version doesn't have. The settings also have even more than Alex's, which you can use and abuse how you like, without the need to adjust the settings to turn off mod credits and checking the EXE version (currently it works on version 1.0 only - all cracks, even the original one, supported). This is, at least, something to worth try in my collection list, with DYOM (repeating the same missions can be boring, but how else can I satisfy my boreness?).

I'll go in for a try to see if I can replace the obsolete IV HUD specialized for Endless Summer mod with _AG's one. If it's good like in SS, I'll give it good ratings. Link

I'm really not yet in a mood for downloading more mods (since DYOM was less likely in GTAInside, but not in, but there's these three in mind: latest ImVehFt version, DK22Pac's V HUD, and DK22Pac's IV Target System.

Last I know, IVTS (IV Target(ing) System) or TSIV (Target(ing) System IV) was contained in an old Italian mod that simulates GTA IV's Rocket Launcher, but I'll see if I can grab differently than what it's used to be. Also I found a rare occasion that there's two modders on GTAInside published a mod that simulates IV pickup, but eventually crashed the game since it tried to load an audio file that doesn't exist. I had to do a fix by changing audio to SA-styled, but the audio sounds are similar to picking up an oyster or a horseshoe. Looks awkward, but if I don't have references on audio numbers, I'll end up having the mod published with the pickup sound similar to picking up an oyster or a horseshoe.

ImVehFt isn't something new; last version was the May 21st, 2014, and no more updates. It once crashed the game in one occasion, so I quit using ImVehFt (idk when). Today, or tomorrow, I'm in for a second try.

The V HUD is something not too extraordinary. I'd played GTA V quite longer since I care less for SA mods and focus only on V mods. I'd like to bring in the nostalgics of a high-end game to the low game when I have to. I'm using new PC that supports DX11, of which I play games like NS:UNS4 and Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 when I have to take a break from modding. In fact, I'd choose to not install it on SA until I played GTA V first - my general terms of a noob offline player. Now with the new update (Doomsday Heist) ensue, I'd go back to the old-school modding.

I'm still tracking this one Indonesian language mod for IV and good to see if it's compatible for IV I haven't yet tried to have a chat on comments section to see if he can do the same for EFLC, and (maybe) LCPDFR. Wondering if he doesn't have EFLC. However, this is my general concern: most of the script mods are English, if there are pure Indonesians who can't speak English, how they can address error messages or messages came out from the mod, while the main text being Indo?

Actually, fuck it. People can learn English; at least understand the basics. Mine still have some mistakes with grammars; not a big deal though. The mod is still WIP and I was hoping for a complete version so I can enjoy it with the Windows 10 in Bahasa Indonesia.

Okay, I'm out. Had to keep an eye out of the house since it was empty, so, have a nice day, readers.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Videos of Technological Wonders

I have seen many unfamiliar and weird things in my life, especially with the UFOs wandering the Earth - with the increasingly conspiracy theory. Still, it keeps the world, in one way, unique than the others, especially when I started to read the facts about Bermuda Triangle and tricks on calling the Japanese ghost that even a mistake can haunt your ass or even KILL you (glad I never test it, neither do it because I don't have a bathtub at home).

Still, with the continued North Korean nuclear program, and "unaware" earthquake in Banten yesterday noon, it doesn't stop me from being happy with the life I'm moving on, as long as I have the important files that keep my ass alive; at least until a deadly virus came - in what unforeseeable reason, either from the torrents I get or going into the Deep Web "naked" (no security that protects me, no VPN, and not using suggested OS by JalanTikus).

So, once in a while I take a long video watch on YouTube from my smartphone, learning about "technological wonders" the world has to offer, especially watching GTA V "personal sneak peeks". I'm in to see how the malwares react to the OS when it's accidentally "placed" on your PC and runs on the background. I'm talking about Windows OS here. 95, 98, XP, or even Windows 10, it doesn't matter.


Let's see... if you think back about the last year's paranoia in April/May, you might remember it as the global computer attack: WannaCry, a.k.a. WannaCrypt. In Indonesia, WannaCry assaulted Dharmais Hospital at West Jakarta, rendering medical equipments unused. The reason it was targeted was that the computers at Dharmais use the obsolete OS, the Windows XP.

WannaCry had made me paranoid of security ever since the warning message was out. Kemkominfo (long term: Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika Republik Indonesia, English:
Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia) issued a message to people that "when" online, an SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing service must be stopped, block certain ports that might consider a WannaCry threat, and download the latest update from Microsoft website.

It is, however, one of the most feared incidents of the technology in 2017, but the good news was that the already updated Windows 10 does not affected by WannaCry, unless...

You see, I was watching this one video when a user installed and "pranked" the Bonzi Buddy application, which was, fortunately, running on a virtual machine; one example is VirtualBox, once I mentioned it for use with customized Red Hat OS designed to create a local network for the Computer Network lesson. The user made pranks on it and accidentally running the WannaCry that was already prepared at start.

I saw how it works. It extracted files, made internal encryption on system and data files, changes the wallpaper to like the incident I saw on the news (text writing and all of that), and then BOOM, the message that you should pay $300 worth of Bitcoin to the specified ID address. It popped up about nearly one minute if you close it. There's already a trick on JalanTikus (and many suggestive sites) on how to remove it without the help of the antivirus, but that does not guarantee that your files get decrypted because no decryption tool was made for it.


No, not a weapon you use in Resident Evil 5. I'm talking about the virus (well, much more like a malware to me). It used the same system as in WannaCry, but it infects the whole system that changes the user control in the process. System restarts while doing changes to computer once you run it. Once in after the restart, front message displayed as "infected". And the worst, you can't run the Task Manager. It'll show you the big red skull that reminds you of horror movies when you tried to open it.


Kinda curious about this kind of "malware" anyway. Actually, come to think of it, it's gonna ruin your day if it's running on your PC. You see, MEMZ breaks into the system, overriding CPU and GPU controls to continuously sending loop commands that's gonna break the display like blinking and zooming (people who's having epilepsy didn't like this). Then there's also random commands that inputs search query into something irrelevant (of which it opens Google website) or opening one of the YT videos. If your browser was logged in to Google, your Activity might get affected and displayed "crazy" ads sometimes when browsing in the future.


Ah, the Country of the Bear. JalanTikus once shown an article about Russian weapon technologies, and some of them are alien-tech-alike. Conspiracy?

Also broke out after WannaCry incident in 2017, Petya ransomware is yet another malware with advanced encryption system that, instead of repairing the disk failure (of which it uses CHKDSK - the CheckDisk feature in Windows for checking disk drive errors), it encrypts the disk. I've seen the news in CNN Indonesia, it affected nearly whole Russian continent as Petya itself was from Russia. It also known to be encrypting the ATM machines.

I've seen the video before I closed the watch time. Petya injects the system directly and in an instant runs the CHKDSK, which has been injected with it. CHKDSK runs for a disk repair, however it was about to encrypt the whole drive with the malware, thus removing the ability to boot the system as it was. While you boot up at the next start, it instead entered the flashing red and white screen with a "Danger" skull on it that makes people sick for those who have an epilepsy. When you press any key, you'll be prompted to enter a code that isn't gonna be acquired normally, which is, you'll have to go inside the Deep Web to do it. It'll repeat itself (no matter you started up fresh or restarted) until you have the code to open it.

Anyway, just watched how MEMZ and Petya infecting the PC and Petya wins. The video text in the end said that Petya encrypts everything in its path, including the MEMZ. It's like you mow down anything you see ahead with your tank.


Most of these malwares can be removed via "Safe Mode" that can be entered by repeatedly pressing F8 key during BIOS boot, or automatically shown if you are running Windows 7. If the malware can break the Safe Mode limitations there's nothing you can do unless you reinstall Windows.

Well, except for Petya, though, this one's a badass ransomware that there's no way to remove it (though I saw one video clip on how to remove Petya, but I didn't have time to watch it) unless you reinstall the OS. If it's affecting the low level of the hard disk (the whole disk is encrypted abnormally), reinstall won't work until you have a new HDD or SSD.

The next stop is about going to the 90s. I've seen the video about Windows XP on 64 MB RAM and it was somehow glitchy, like, you can't go back to the 90s in a newer OS. It is usual to see Windows 95 or 98 running in a smaller RAM size, but Windows XP running in 64 MB of RAM? Sounds unusual.

You can, however, run Windows XP on 64 MB of RAM, but there's not enough resources available to run applications that takes hundreds of megabytes of RAM like lighter games and browser. Opening a single app like Windows Explorer can take a really long time - it is, however, suits you for 90s nostalgic, but for you fast workers in this time, it can piss you off.

Well, it's at least I can tell for the current days in my life, for 3 weeks holiday, and this is day 11. I'm finishing the German campaign in Atlantic Fleet, messing around with mods in GTA San Andreas, finding out what went wrong in NooseMod for LCPDFR, and modding the GTA Underground, DCS: A-10C Warthog, and GTA IV. So far I have no news for NooseMod, but I was hoping it was good news before I started to stop developing and making another plugin instead; want to make the LCPDFR live again.