Monday, April 16, 2018

DFF Locker but no WDR Locker?

I've been taking too many breathtaking jobs I need to wrap my Construct 2 project, but apparently there's something unusual I found from one of the darewnoo's mods while I take my time surf the Internet. I saw a user, YochiThMaster333, bravely asked darewnoo to convert his car model to San Andreas, pointing it to a DFFLocker application used to lock DFF files. Yochi also said,
Check out kanoon48's creations, they can't be unlocked via RW Analyze.

Wow, that's interesting, but currently I have less sufficient skills to create a car mod or a ped mod at this time. I think it's worth a try, since San Andreas game is a majority of mods with lots of Total Conversions that can be implemented.

Let's say, if you lock the DFF file only from ZModeler2,  it's still can be accessed from RW Analyze. No? But if you exported unlocked (or locked) and lock it out with DFFlocker, no applications can break it, including RW Analyze. Still, it left me question about readability. Standard files locked after export from ZMod2 can still be accessible, but after locked by DFFlocker... well... you know it yourself, though.

Now for the f-ing comparison. There is a DFF locker, but no WDR locker. You know what I mean?

I'd say that even the SA/VC/III model is locked, it still can be accessed to unlock it using apps, like the RW Analyze I mentioned earlier. DFFlocker removes the access of unlocking using apps, and to find it, it was easy in Google.

However, for future/later model formats (*.wdr, *.wft and *.ydr, *.yft extensions) the feature to lock model, as of now, embedded in OpenIV's openFormats feature and the current version of ZModeler2/ZModeler3. The thing that's called "WDR locker" is not exist, which in fact, it may related to openFormats' importing and locking model at the same time, or ZModeler2's export feature with locking its model file. ATM, later model formats are quite complicated to unlock, unless if you use a Ninja Ripper to "surprisingly" grab the objects within the screen (like taking a screenshot) and exports them into a file, which you can view them in 3ds Max (using included script from NR or 3Doomer's GIMS Evo) or Noesis (using included script from NR).

And so, when I looked up on Google about "WDR locker", I saw links to a kind of German radio or some sort, and everything in the search query was in German language. No doubt, though, that later models right now are quite complicated to unlock if it was locked after exporting or at least imported with locking the model in OpenIV's openFormats I/O menu.

Back to the work, I guess. It's why I can't be able to crack any locked models in GTA IV now, but as of now, I might just go back on finishing the C2 project before the end of semester. Let's hope I can take my time splitting parts piece by piece in less than a week. This is why it's breathtaking to finish a job on my own.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Once in a while I want to...

At least for a while, though.

I have a lot of shit going on right now. LCPDFR and I don't go well (again), got an internal family conflict (with probability to be even longer), bored of gaming (like... my GTA SA game near always crashed, EFLC/GTA IV and cop chasing isn't coming good for modded vehicles/new maps, tired of the same game with same mod, and waiting for new "cracked" games), and a few minutes hard times for getting a book reference, are driving me like... "I'd rather be an online gamer than living in this bulls**t."

Still, my ass is still tough like a tank. I live in happiness, though, even though the shit comes down to me, and I still have humanity thoughts.

And I say I'm running out of time, makes me had to wrap all the things before the end of semester has come. On the academic calendar, final exam is marked on May/June 2018, from dates 22 to 26, 28, 30 to 31, and June 1st to 2nd. If I stop, there's no way I'll advance to the Final Project.

So, yeah, I'm continuing the Construct 2 project while working on revising the report about what books or journal that I need to make a reference. And I got exactly 2 months before this shit comes to an end.

Once in a while, though, I want to read a kind of book, but I only read few books last year. Something tells me that I want to read more for this lousy and boring project, to help me graduate from this university, Itenas. And the person at the company was quite impatient these days because of being repeatedly abandoned the project. Perhaps I should take my time visiting the college library after being a first-timer of a student of Itenas (that was 4 years ago).

Yep, waiting, in one side, can be boring, but on the other side, it's time-consuming. If you have works to finish, don't waste your time. Spend it well, like the businessman said, "time is money." If you waste your time, you'll be wasting money (either salary or the "shopping money" for the students like me) you earned. I guess this kind of word works for me now, eh?

Plugins in LCPDFR I made like Supervillains Redux and Securicar Thefts are complete and ready for alpha-test, however a rare issue came up again as I fired up the EFLC with LCPDFR and internet connection and somehow it stuck again in loading when I enter any police stations. I tried using "forceduty" command after pressing Alt+P and bring a callout in, but it stuck, again, after accepting the callout. I guess there's something with the graphics setting or something that I can't be able to tell or explain what it is. In fact, I saw, like a few milliseconds, the game continues when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up Task Manager. And to note, GTA IV and EFLC doesn't have option to start in windowed mode (unlike GTA V or GTA San Andreas with op9080's loader), and when it's stuck, Alt+Tab is possible, but not visible to see window changes.

I might as well try to readjust graphics settings and setting up compatibility mode to see if it works, but as of now, I might try it soon, like... in the night when possible.

Janis28 @ LCPDFR did commented out about my failed NooseMod project for LCPDFR, but I said that I have other plans of adding more callout variety in LCPDFR; not just Wouters and many things at hand. I play GTA IV/EFLC in a stable platform, with many realism and Julio's scripts/plugins and fastman92 limit adjuster, which surprisingly, works also in EFLC, but does not change the things like PtrNodeSingles (Single-pointer Nodes) or PtrNodeDoubles (Double-pointer Nodes), but on the IDE size. Other than that it works in GTA IV or otherwise using LCPDFR's included AdvancedHookInit.asi plugin. As of now, idk why GTA IV crashed when attempting to start a new game; probably because of the limits that broke, though I have no car, ped, or map mods in place.

As of now, fastman92 is developing a version 4.4. Dunno what kind of new updates he was offering, and all I can do is wait. One day, I would like to join GTAGarage/GTAForums for publishing mods or having a chat with people, but... I guess I can do it some other time. This job seems to be endless, and I'm kinda bored to see how it is now. And I tell you, I'm not yet stopping for modding; not right now. I'm still active in modding world, by many aspects.

Alright then, back to work. Good day then, readers.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

HD CJ player.img and DirectX 13?

Idk if this is quite disturbing, because there's one of the forums post that said "DirectX 13". Yes, DirectX 13. I've searched the Google for it and in Wikipedia and the last version was version 12. There's this new Windows OS type that I just met on Wikipedia page; perhaps it's said "Windows 2016" or some sort.

ThirteenAG said it on this forum post, but I have no confirmation unless I can have a friendly chat with him. If it's true, then he has the most high-end PC than I am, perhaps running on a top-quality GPU card (excepting processors like Ryzen or i7/i9).

In Google search as well, no Microsoft websites were telling about it. Perhaps it's a hoax or something, but I don't have any strong proof. Guess I gotta wait for Microsoft to release an announcement of this... DirectX 13.

I gotta tell a short story one: I got a MoonLoader, and I installed "Better Skybox" by guru_guru, and it requires MoonAdditions. From there I found links, and many links, like I opened at least 20 to 30 tabs in Firefox (related forum posts and download links) until I closed it out on the midnight. Most of these are the old forums that I found download links for certain people not working anymore. Most likely are from sendspace (files are uploaded and ready for DL, but it has a timelimit before it's getting removed), and this one is the example. I tried to get some CLEO items but apparently I can get the INI only, and sure the opcodes INI are trashed if you don't have the CLEO plugin to be placed.

I also found the latest version of SkyGfx as well; looks like the better ones than SA BETA's own SkyGfx (dunno what version is used). Say, MoonLoader, Better Skybox, and SkyGfx, made me have to open more than 20 or 30 tabs in Firefox just to read the post from page to page. I can read words, but I'm not a good reader nor the speaker. Likewise, I rounded up 30+ downloads I made before the end of the day in the midnight, including the SA:MP graphics fix. Gotta get one someday...

Also from those posts I found several unparticular model on the screenshots beside the ones used by darthblack66 for his Tenpenny Stories DYOM. On my perspective it's equivalent to the ones I saw from Ezekiel's Insanity Mod. So I fired up Google this morning to search for it, and bingo, I think this is the one. There's another one I tried to look up as well, but apparently I found the one by Talha on the search as well. However there's no doubt that it doesn't have "vest suit" like the original ones, and it's HD too, and I did tried it. So, the conclusion is that there is an equivalent HD version of the mod, but was never meant to be public on modding websites for some reasons (for example, it's intended for YouTube maniacs - the link was found from the YT description of the video). Also I have a benefit as well, like some useful links I can get from Oliveira's blogs. Dunno how many evolutions he made; I just recently found the 3rd and the 5th of his blogs. Among them I found Naruto mods as well, but so far nothing for player.img rip (to separate body parts in order to allow clothing and removal of Skin Selector dependency). I'm gonna need it for the v6 project of Naruto GXT Packet Chara, Jutsu CLEO, and Weapons mod, but idk when I will start the project.

After this, I might start to look up on Vados Mods for the HD replacement of models I need, like the ones Flaqko did for his ambient and HD gang models mods. Seriously, darthblack66 has made me go easy on the search thing, so I don't need to rely on Google all the time (except if it's other than GTA).

It's kinda surprising, though that I opened 30+ tabs in Firefox just to found these good things and information in mind, but on the other hand, I like it. It's making this world has a lot of variety than any other else on this galaxy. I can't believe it.

Now I'm going off to set some reading list sites and try this HD CJ mod and downloads I got. Enjoy your time reading or downloading mods at my blog, readers. See you next time.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Siam Alam and Tenpenny Stories

And to tell that this nice day has a new opening and ending of Boruto (intro and outro songs of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations), I had to say that it's a good day to wait. I'm speaking about this Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown video game I saw on the last year's preview trailer on YouTube (given by a friend from Facebook). From the trailer it is said that it'll be released this year on PS4, PS-VR, Xbox, and Steam (PC), but still unknown about the date (and the f-ing crack if there is one). It's like Ace Combat 5 I played on PS2 earlier, but judging from the squadron, it's different, on what it appears to be near exact to SkylineGTRFreak's mod (Trigger Squadron).

My PC, overall, is quite strong enough to handle HD games, but let's hope it sticks for... maybe lifetime.

Got myself on remastering Linux task, I had to come up with quick solution to wrap up. I picked the Web Testing and Designing theme to practice out my HTML and PHP programming skills. All the base materials I need are here; the only thing I need is work and resources.

The C2 project isn't yet completed; I spent my time on other shits that are time-consuming, and the "counselor" at the company was impatient, yet doesn't care if I didn't get the job finished.

There's this video I found on Siam Alam's YouTube channel, an instruction about "How to get Windows 7/8/10 legally." Somehow, though, instead of virus-testing on virtual machine, I can use it to fuck around with the scammers (like some people out there, and some YT videos, that people are fucking the scammers) or using it as a test platform for old games and programs that worked previously on Windows XP. I chose the last, eventually, since I'm developing mods that is intended for LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2, and there is a problem with the 3ds Max 7 on Windows 10. The program hangs after started up. I had no problems, however, with the Autodesk 3ds Max 2014.

Likewise, the terms of use is fair; the VM file will expire after 90 days (idk currently about this, perhaps if counted from the last startup, or maybe first startup, or... after it is downloaded).

I can share the video if you like, but wait up for the link.

Idk much about the user named darthblack66 on GTAGaming/GTAForums, but apparently I stumbled across the files used in his remastered version of GTA TENPENNY STORIES DYOM. With the wmyva2 model in exception (\modloader\GTA TS Remastered), most of the files are directed to this link: the one and only, Vados Mods. I have some models from that site, but apparently based on Flaqko's referral; and I get Ballas skin pack. That's all of the story.

Overall, Vados Mods is Russian-speaking website. I don't understand much of it, but if you stumble across "скачать" word, that's the download link.

Anyway, darthblack66 did get the hands of some special characters and police officers models for the remastered version, but so far I don't know how he can get it. As far as I know, the only way to get them is from the Vados Mods, from the TXDs I opened with Magic.TXD application. Perhaps I can find all of them in there (along with the Paramedics model).

I made interest myself of combat action missions, if it is DYOM, but idk about darthblack66. It seems that he wanted to make a BTS (Behind the Scene) story of what happened before the full story of San Andreas. As for nationality, I'm not so sure; it's between Spanish and Portuguese, but I think much of Portuguese since there is a word "vendedor" that doesn't really add up to Spanish (example of GuidoPdu's mods, another Portuguese guy). I found it on one of the YT videos I downloaded that tells about "the story of Emmet the Guns Dealer for the Grove" (or Emmet Stories, that's for sure).

Right now he's working out on GTA LCS story remake for GTA LCS PC Edition, and from the vid, Portuguese-speaking. I'm trying to get the hands of latest beta version, but somehow it's dead or otherwise deleted by the devs. It's kinda weird, though, even for me, who already get the hands of the GTA VCS PC Edition (the link of codenamed "Blue Hesper" was still exist). Well, it's all thanks to darthblack66 for the download link provided.

I found another interest, BTW, after getting the hands of the completed COD4:MW remake DYOM pack called Modern Frontlines by Martin Strada. I haven't played it, but judging from the forums post (on GTAForums), most of the users found it nice for a remake in SA map. I'm betting that he's working on the second act project to see how the story unfolds. Well, let's make it happen.

It's still in the quiet night and time to get my eyes rested. I'm a bit dizzy this time. Enjoy your day, readers.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Before I knew flight simulator games like now...

At least for a while, though, after I finished the story of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, in what it appears to be "other perspective" of the good old Resident Evil 2 in PS1. Compared to old RE2, RE:ORC is viewing itself as the HD version of RE2. Only the thing is... if only the devs can remaster the old RE, RE2, and RE3 into HD version. It would be the nostalgia all over again.

I remember much of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as my brother has guts to play it until the end. So does with RE2, but idk much of the first one (to say that he has the Director's Cut one). Most of them has riddles to complete, but the hardest was the Nemesis.

So, before I knew flight simulator games like today, I personally enjoy much of the Ace Combat games, including the Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, of which its 4 to 5 last missions are nearly difficult since you are flying in a limited (cramped) space and closing gates.

Other than that, it's Jet de Go. It's much resemble the FSX of which you have to fly an airliner ranging from small turboprop aircraft to a jumbo jet. Most of the airliners in the game operated under Japan Airlines.

First of all, I'm kinda surprised as the UI wasn't supposed to be English as I would expect from common Japanese games (because it was at year 2002-2006). I even had to try a lot of buttons until I get into the simulation attempt. I know, I'm like one of the guys who give a fuck on the UI language and bash in to the game. Still, this game is quite fun and sufficiently expand my imagination about aviation (though not a lot). Today, however, after few references I read on Wikipedia, Japan Airlines, as the name implies, is from Japan. And the map; ya, it's Japan. Last product of my imagination? Check out the Sea Battle story at Collection 1: The Hero of Our World.

Back before I knew animes like Naruto and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, I used some of the Jet de Go references for a shitty story that wasn't uploaded to my other blog, such as SpongeBob and his fellas onboard the Japan Airlines flight xxx heading towards Bikini Bottom. I know it's silly, but everyone's got their own imaginations to tell, right?

As of now, I spent my good old times of me bringing back the good times in the sky, although I mostly do it on San Andreas (airliner), and LockOn (fighter aircraft, but much limited). At least it is, to keep the flight simulation memory alive. And I'm still waiting for that Ace Combat 7 to be released; I peeked the trailer from one of the old FB posts and said that it'll be released this year, but unknown month. I doubt it's the more modern and HD game than before. Might as well check the Ova Games if there are some AC games on PC that I haven't yet tried.

And hey, back when I have this Jet de Go game, I always have to put in the Latin letters when naming the pilot. I put the name between Tom and Jerry since I watched Tom and Jerry show most of the times that day. And I did saw the Blues Cat Blues episode entirely, but all I can see was no train collision against both cat and mouse on the train tracks (I watched at least 2 YouTube videos and the proof was strong enough). After Jerry sat next to Tom, that's it; film has ended and continued to another episode. But why most of the people told that it was be the end of Tom and Jerry cartoon series? A warm-up for a hoax?

Actually, I'd like to skip that out. Once in a while, though, I wanted to learn Japanese, but somehow it's really difficult (unless if I learn online).

I might be trying back that game again and complete the tutorials. Problem is, after few levels, the helper was out. I guess this is natural.

And... I might consider a collection of names before I'm out. Fair enough to say that I watched Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and I can use some of them (last usage example is on Fallout 4, in Latin words). I might try Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha when I created a new pilot in that game.

Well, this is it. I'm out. I might gonna learn a few things before tomorrow; it's already a mid-semester exam. Until next time, readers.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bring back nostalgics? Ready to wait for HD games

Check this: for few days I spent my time on this Resident Evil 6 game and it wasn't so bad. Likewise, it has more action with less horrors, in what it is equivalent to Resident Evil 5 that can't be played anymore (GFWL-dependent, if you ask me, and I'm running Windows 10 here).

This MoonLoader thing is something new to me, and I knew that it's Russian-made, judging by the programming language. Yep, LUA, in what's it's most identical to Digital Combat Simulator-based games. Come to think of it, "lua" is derived from Portuguese language that means "moon" (Wikipedia), and it makes sense about the name since the loader loads scripts programmed in Lua language.

I might as well be back later for this one.

Okay, getting bored for no more new missions to play, tasks on queue, alone with my grandpa at home, and delayed scripting, interest me in bringing back some good old nostalgics in PS1. I'm thinking about an example of law enforcement, and there's this one game I cannot see the end, until now, and I found it on Google when I put the search query "police chase game ps1".

You guess it, World's Scariest Police Chases. Or in what's it to be. Tell you what, I finished the simple ones, but always get stuck on bomb squad mission that needs you to rush over the bomb site quickly or it explodes. When I get passed them, the fun part is where you use a rocket launcher and an APC to bring down the criminals in a tank that's wandering the city. Much resemble San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V nowadays, but in this case, the player is the criminal in a tank.

Back when I was in the school, after passing the pursuit where you need to defuse the bombs then chase the suspects, it was a success, but the CD got roughed up and cannot be used anymore. There's this funny moment for this game in my life where I accidentally bought the same game CD again while I lost it. Few days later it was founded again. Man, I never forget such silly but funny experience.

To tell the truth, I had played this game once on PC with PS1 emulator. Back then was the Win98 OS and idk the specs. Before I knew tools such as UltraISO, Daemon, and Alcohol 120%, this game was run on the CD Reader. Back then idk the concept of PS games until later, I discovered that the data autonomously read on the CD as the console game itself only contains BIOS.

Surely this is put as an example to the once my bro used to play in PS2: Gran Turismo 3. When my bro tried to get into the race event as "Amateur" difficulty, it was like... forever stuck, unless you pull out the CD, clean it out, and put it back in. Yeah, console games depend on its medium to read its data inside.

The other example of this PS1 game I play is the Metal Slug. It's been a long time since I played such game, and maybe I already gave up the sport now. Another ones like Ace Combat 2, Ace Combat 3, and Command and Conquer: Red Alert Revolution (or something like that) have been a scar on my good old memories - in what appears to be the continuation and transition between console and PC games. On my experience, I did played the successor of this Revolution game, such as Red Alert 2 and 3 on PC, Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero on PS2, and Assault Horizon on PC. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 is also a part of nostalgia for good old AC games on both PS1 and PS2, which comprised of conventional combat style and weapons that are adaptive to the type.

Further back on my history, I have a Sega console game, but idk what model, and it's not Genesis, I think. There was this kind of game that once scared the sh*t out of me, and it was equivalent to what it is in PS1, like Nuclear Strike and Soviet Strike, however idk the title of it. Even until now idk much of it. I have to say, those games were made by Electronic Arts, or EA Games nowadays. The EA Games logo back then was quite memorable. It comprised of circle, square, and triangle shapes with some line breaks.

Speaking of both Nuclear Strike and Soviet Strike, I completed the Nuclear Strike (got some difficulties on the last mission, but eventually, it passed), but for the Soviet Strike, I always get stuck on the 3rd mission. At this rate, I'm gonna need more than just a combat action to win the level, which is the strategy of that mission. I might as well add them to my DL list as PS1 ISOs are easy to find in Google.

As for the emulator, there are many of them, but I'd prefer to find the more specific ones. (awkwardly, this is where I got the Point Blank Offline game) provided one and pointed me to the ePSXe. Seriously, it's my first time I heard this kind of emulator, as back then there was the same emulator, but not ePSXe.

Before I knew much of LCPDFR nowadays I played this game (World's Scariest Police Chases) in free roam; catching suspects in pursuits, stops them by either shooting the car or chase it until it stops, and thinking crazy when I saw police cars and ambulances on the streets (which are the ambient traffic). Yeah, back before I knew much of cartoons and animes like Naruto and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, I did have a wild imagination that makes me dream randomly, that I might say once, "I want to be a police officer," or "I want to be a soldier." Guess the old memories kicked right in after playing new games and the end of Naruto: Shippuden series. The 21st century era of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime has introduced us the much more modern technology, in what appears to be the same to our world right now, but there were several states and villages that were still holding out conventional tech. This can be equivalent to some states and countries in Africa (please no offense as I in no way harassing people who lives in Africa).

I'm guessing the thoughts of stay younger can help me to live longer, if God permits it. I prayed to God most of the times so that I can receive the "long age," beside many requests. I often said it in my prays, even when I was in my birthday (though most common request is the addition of new Naruto action figures - going to online shop is the last resort when none was sold on the known local toys and action figures/figurines shop). Only God who knows when I'll became older; the only thing I wish for my existence is the thoughts of stay younger, if it helps. Besides, I'm 21 years old now.

And now... the time to start opening my old memories to the feet. I'm out. Enjoy your day, readers.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Battle San Fierro, Microsoft, A bit Stable Gaming

Another delay on the C2 project to tell that I'm in a less mood of doing things. Anyway, despite that, I spent my time playing San Andreas again in DYOM, playing Battle San Fierro missions by Jhan Dave and spent my time tinkering a bit of my new Microsoft account using my Google Mail.

I might as well going back to C2 project when there is a time. ATM I have done some work on the Timeline Tree, partially. It should be done before the April Mop (April Fool's Day).

Jhan Dave's Battle San Fierro missions in San Andreas DYOM was quite awesome, in like... so many ways. To short, there were gunfight thrills and some events are imitating somewhat Call of Duty, such as MG nest. From the comments made on ThirteenAG's Tactical HUD mod, I grabbed some plugins by Ryosuke839 to add some realism, such as Bullet, Shell, and Bullet Hole. The MG nest, awkwardly equipped with the M134 (Minigun), has its own difficulty since it shoots HE (high-explosive) bullets. It also applies as well to the 40mm MG turret on Hunter helicopter. I was killed, like 7 to 10 times just after meeting up with the MG nest, with the added difficulty like Health and Armor mod. Cheats like Invulnerable and Never Hungry are not enough, because the cheat only protects bullet attacks. Explosions and collisions can't.

Back in 2015, there was this kind of "complete invulnerability" mod called "ETERNAL MOD", made by K.V.Vamsi Krishna. It claimed super-effective against everything: ballistic-, explosion-, and collision-proof for player, as well as the same protection it offered for player's vehicle while he's inside. I've used it to pass only few missions that has people manning an MG, as well as enemy aircrafts possessing advanced missile system (Ryosuke839's Missile mod). Otherwise I'd use the conventional way.

I believe I got this from GTAInside. Search it if you hate dying in missions.

I'll give him some feedback when I have some time.

I don't think this is an ass, though, since I started copying the good old stories I found from one LINE Official Account called Fanfiction Naruto. There were several stories that I found interesting, especially since the administrators can make them or copy from some good old resources. To short, it's fun to see some other guys are as crazy as I am, that makes the fan fiction stories even much real-life. Mine's got way over limit. Take a look on my TC mod for LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2, for example.

My Samsung phone has Microsoft applications attached on it since I first received it, like a kind of gift, from my dad. Unfortunately, to use and abuse it must use Microsoft account. Luckily, I don't need to create new e-mail address since Microsoft can use Google e-mail address for all the jobs I need. In short, I don't have to handle more than 2 e-mail addresses at the same time.

It was easy as pie. I copied a lot of parts that OA posted, but I'm not yet starting my plans on English translation. I still have some jobs to finish.

So, one point, I'd like to sign in my home PC with my Google Mail (or Gmail) account. It proved successful, but sometimes I'd like to say "fuck go back", like the meme switch thing; however it was limited to standard user, not administrator (and also creating a new user account), and Windows 10 has no Guest account (unlike Windows XP). Last thing I'd say was, "oh well, guess I'll live on with this style." Finally, I had to make adjustment on my Microsoft account and all done.

Do you know which mod I used in playing BSF? SA BETA. A lot of beta objects can be used and abused, but in BSF, limited. You know what I'm saying?

I've added some mods and rerouted some of the objects to new IMG file, and then added several cosmetic and ambient CLEO scripts. Some scripts caused frequent crashes were found, in what appears to be reflection hacking and ragdoll enhancement. The last thing I found was several map objects not rendered properly (fixed while doing active pause using SilentPL's Amazing Screenshots! script) and crashes/game freezes after starting new game at least 3 times. There was also a random freeze that even the game cannot respond anymore (cannot use keybind, moving mouse, everything, except Alt-Tab or "Emergency Screen" with Ctrl-Alt-Del). No extra mods while playing DYOM is in motion.

I'm getting a bit bored lately, but somehow an idea brought up for the IV's Realistic Weapon Mod. I'll let you know soon in a new post, but practically, this is about TLAD and TBoGT's Grenade Launcher behavior (animation and slot).

Also, going offline most of the times is the fastest way to get bored. Since my PC supports GTA V, and new crack for V is not yet released (tired of waiting this lonely ass), perhaps it's my time to sign up on Steam and start an online gaming life. It's the only way to keep the modding on SA, IV, and V come back to life. Unfortunately, my HDD running short on free space and I'd like to install a new one; like another TB or two will be good. I just need to round up some cash to add extra space, since my PC has one slot empty. However, idk when and where I'd like to get signed up.

And so, I'm out. I hope you enjoy your time reading some more articles or downloading mods by me.

Monday, March 19, 2018

San Andreas Beta

Last Nyepi wasn't so good, but I don't wanna talk about it. Family shit.

Alright, this time I'm talking about San Andreas Beta.

Long story short, my modded SA game got damaged, very much. I spent several minutes playing and BOOM! It crashed with random pointer on its executable. Idk why, though, but I think it's because of lots of HD models and textures. Another is the OS (I use Windows 10 that is up-to-date) and CLEO scripts, although none of the scripts seem to be a problem (the only thing I know is that I get better/smooth rendering of the game with the Ragdoll mod v8 installed, likely from GTAInside, although this also be the case of DK22Pac's old newOpcodes.cleo used in АПП версия 3.2.1/Active Dashboard v3.2.1, newer ones can cause crashes).

I did much of rerouting IMG files with the help of fastman92 limit adjuster. It's the way I gotta keep the game stable at all times. In other way, I had to make use of IMG Factory and Magic.TXD applications to resolve most of the problems with TXD Workshop and old IMG managers (such as Spark and Alci's IMG Editor, although old IMG Tool is still powerful for rebuilding, but importing files is problematic since its release). Crashes still occur, even though I did nothing in the process. Sometimes, the game got glitched when it's stable and played for quite a long time. The game's screen is like has captured a screenshot on one to three frames and looping from one to three all over, but the game's still running. The crazy case is when  you fly a plane. When this happened, you will fly blindly, and you'll never know when you'll hit an obstacle. The last thing you know is that you will end up in a hospital if you collided into something.

The issues I got is in a condition without Mod Loader installed. Yes, no Mod Loader, only conventional modding style.

I had to go with reinstall again, but this time, it's different. Junior_Djjr is (currently, or maybe not) working on a "Respect Vehicle Pack" that replaces old LQ cars with its equivalent in HD style, but idk when it's done (was said in San Andreas INSANITY forum thread @ GTAForums). ATM, I had to leave it for now; the pack is still in Alpha/Beta stage and I'm not ready to get it.

Plans for reinstall? Try the v7 of San Andreas Beta mod, without the use of Mod Loader. Then install the shits like HD air vehicles and add-on vehicles. I had to say, idk if the OLA can be used to break the game limits, but as far as I try, fastman92 limit adjuster has lots of limits that can be hacked compared to OLA. Now, just to note, not all modded vehicles that can be modded at the mod shop like Transfender. I did tried once and it caused a game crash, instantly. Still, some of the MKKJ's released vehicles can do a job, but still need to use custom parts to work (and I doubt it will do the problem with other car if it's not right).

Speaking of San Andreas Beta, idk much about it. Last thing I remember is that I have a San Andreas PS2 game and it was fun. I touched Internet only when I look for mobile phone games or funny videos in 3GP. In what I seem to know, beta contents of SA game is never displayed during my time to game on this video game. However, why it's surfaced after 12 years since its release?

I never searched much of San Andreas game, even its beta stage. I did finished the game only in PS2, but for PC, not yet. Same goes to GTA Vice City (but not yet on III as I don't have it). Personally, I completed GTA IV and GTA V on PC. San Andreas on PC is an exception; lots of DYOM missions lying all over the place, but I stick to what I like and in English, as I would suggest. Plus, I may have plans on translating most of SA texts using the GTA Indonesia basis, but no promises, though.

If it is true there are beta contents that are not used in what used to be today's San Andreas game, then I would like to give it a try. It's a good thing I'd like to enjoy the good old times nostalgia while the Earth is still breathing.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Well, ain't this a b*tch?

I know that yuniwii has his/her own ways of converting things he/she like, especially for the last few months he/she converted the characters from Mobile Legends. So far he/she only do the "thang" for San Andreas only, and look what I found:

Said in one of the posts that is Naruto/Boruto related that, "All mods of Naruto from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, along with (most of its) descendants, acquired from the raw material of files that packed (or raw files in *.xfbin format, shortly) by one of the Telnet users. I only convert them to GTA San Andreas, including this."

Apparently I've accessed the Rin Nohara page, I can't find the DL link; however it's embedded within the file version, and it was an upgraded old version of the mod made back 2014.

Seeing this opportunity, I'd like to make a contact to ask if I can use most of the files he/she has and converting it to GTA IV. There are a lot of tutorial videos of rigging peds in GTA IV; he/she only do some models and weirdly was also appeared in GTA V. Unfortunately, I don't see any contacts listed, and it's similar to SkylineGTRFreak; you only have to get in touch with him IF you have an account he was logging in, or add his Instagram account. Skyline did post it openly to the public. yuniwii? Don't ask.

Actually, once in a while I want to pull the raw materials from the same game also, but the free space is a bitch, and idk where to start.

There are several CPK files that are large-sized, and the biggest is the one on "disc" directory. The total space is 26 GB. "launch" directory is about 4 GB - light enough for pulling out several guts out. There are 4 patches in "patch" folder - patch 1, 3, 4, and 7. Total about 5.5 GB. For the "sim" directory, it doesn't take too large, about 3.72 GB.

I haven't yet rebooted Noesis for a while, and I've already got the conversion tools I need (CriPakTools or CPK Unpacker tool) from one of the XentaX forum threads; idk when I started the search but it was back in 2016. I haven't yet tested this in NS:UNS4; yet it was said that it can only do the extraction and importing of models of UNS2 type. Idk the last keyword I used to get that thing, though, so I'm giving it another shot.

Another b*tch thing is the San Andreas game. I've modded it with HD models and textures, but it got lousy. Most of the times the gameplay became glitched, like, the game still plays, but the screen gets awry (like you pulled a screenshot of a game and it keep displays that in a glitched frame-by-frame thing, making it look like you played in a shredded game). It also crashes the game quite often; perhaps it's because of HD-replaced car models; the one I used from one of the YT videos.

I might try to remove it one day to see if that resolve the problem; I used fastman92 limit adjuster to increase most of the size limit, but still glitched. I didn't yet expand the map (like testing the Carrier Strike Group 11 mod with the limit adjuster) or adding new vehicles into the entry. Most of the ASIs (like adding custom ramp system for Andromada (usually old mods by SkylineGTRFreak like C-17A and An-225) and Vertol (VTOL) system for Osprey that replaces Beagle) are incompatible when memory changes with the Limit Adjuster was made, especially when it comes to the Vehicle Special Features. F92LA has two types of special features; one for Hydra models (VSTOL system), and one for ZR-350 models (up and down lights). Other than that will be using Alex's (Alexander Blade's) Vehicle Special Features (and it has features for ZR-350 models as well).

Okay, for the last one, I'm about to continue the C2 project and some of the proposed IV mods that was planned several days back. And check out some good bitch things I got when I was playing Cold Waters game; you have an unaware enemy submarine and your sub is way too close with the enemy. And your sub is on ultra-quiet as well. Ain't this a b*tch?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Several Years Nostalgia and Misterix 4?

It's been a while.

After acquiring a Flare Gun mod from GTAInside few weeks ago, I started to tag dat search in Google "Misterix 4". Whatever that is, it seems like I'm trying to bring back some good old memories, although idk what kind of game is this (actually, it was a kind of "popular myths" mod, not a game - I'll try to dig up more soon).

Speaking of it, I actually played Resident Evil 6 despite tons of bad critics (people, especially JalanTikus, talked about it that it displays more of an action than horror, in both its article and YouTube video), and I'd say it's GGWP. And you know what's in my mind next?

I often started to misinterpret "Resident" as "President" and also started to make a scar on those lovely soundtracks it played while shooting stuffs, especially when it comes to like in GTA. Why "President" and not other than that?

Back when I was a junior high, there was this TV channel in Indonesia, Space Toon (now replaced by NET.) was the name. There was a program, idk the name but it's close to what I think: Game Station, or something like it. It showed every Sunday (weekends).

There was this play, a kinda cosplay, with the title "President Evil". Sounds awkward to me. Usual shit. Shooting off zombo bastards and ways of survival. Idk the story as it was complicated, as that this Leon Scott Kennedy with a partner, idk the name but not Jill Valentine, fighting off the zombos under the broken bridge when suddenly warped off outta the world after getting radio contact. Chronosphere? It's like I'm having the good old memories of Red Alert coming back - dat fictional teleportation machine that can only transport vehicles and not people. After that, idk the rest of the story.

Say, this program also shows many kinds of gaming things, from game rating to references. Once I saw one of the Naruto games was on the list, something with a title "Accel" (acceleration?) embedded into it (could have been PS2, but sadly, I don't have it and the user interface was Japanese). Could have readied my smartphone with text translation feature if I ever have one, but I doubt it is also released as an ISO image file for emulators on PC, the only thing I need is a good keyword to point in on that ISO.

Well, like I said, Indonesians can understand a bit of English despite the nature of local language as the second, but if it was another, let's say it's Japanese, and they have interest in playing it, they just give a fuck about it and try the menus one-by-one until they come to the right place. Skip the non-understandable dialogues. It's why it made so popular once in a while.

Anyway, another goddamn test of mods and had to reinstall; crashed often when going off somewhere or shooting out the cops after 10 minutes. The error is pointed on its own executable. This time I'm trying the SiMi's Complete Car Pack I just received few weeks ago when doing my time on reviewing Ezekiel's INSANITY Mods @ GTAForums. The car pack itself is sized about 2 GB, with the biggest hit on the cars and trucks, which sized about 1.85 GB. WOW! Even the author suggested to use Mod Loader, although I don't want to in many ways. However, based on my short review, this car pack DOESN'T have airplanes, boats, or helicopters embedded into it; you'll have to find them your own, online. Also, it doesn't much reflect the Evolved Car Pack for GTA IV by Jotov24 (it does have helicopters embedded). Link still exists, though, in what appears to be the once glorious GTAGaming website. Now it's dead and became a static file provider server. You just need to readjust your search keyword if you want to look on Google, because if there said "gta4-mods", it was referred to GTAGaming site with a message.

Now this "Misterix 4" is something interesting (or maybe not at all). I pointed while I search on the Bigfoot, which had a kind of "myth" that shocked San Andreas gamers. I read the article once in JalanTikus, but idk on what and when entry (there also listed other liars that done on video games). It did shocked the gamers that they eventually can't find it until (maybe several years?) people mentioned that it was found using modification that spawns Bigfoot in the forest east of LS. Now the remake was done in V as I scrolled through many pages with the "Misterix 4 Weapons" keyword. The mod also has a forum for it too.

Actually, thinking that I can do many things with fastman92 Limit Adjuster, I can dump the use of Ryosuke's Weapon Limit Adjuster and using it instead for replacement; it still does the same as in GTA: Underground, but I haven't yet tested most of the weapons. I'll try when I get the chance. Still, the weapon sound is a concern, as Ryosuke ones had a setting to adjust weapon sound, with a bug that the added weapons can shoot at 100% accuracy (WTF? Too Real Guns?). Let's hope the fastman92's can do the same as Ryosuke's.

And as all you have to know, the Insanity forum will be closed for more posts. I guess Ezekiel wanted to stop developing the insane mods, but idk. Ezekiel stated so at page 30 of the forum post.

Enjoy your day, readers. Over and out.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cold Waters - Fully Moddable?

Idk, though, it sounds awkward to me. Maybe you the more advanced GTA Modders like me will understand.

So I found an awesome entry of modding details about this Cold Waters game and it contains step-by-step on how to modify ship physicals, weapons, and even DYOM (Design Your Own Mission). Personally, I tested the North Atlantic 1984 campaign and it was fucking awesome. Being repeatedly win and lost doesn't seem to stop me, except if I had to face on this... Flappy Bird game. You'll never know when you'll break your phone and went on repairs that cost you few or maybe hundreds to thousands of dollars.

To short, I literally hate the people who just lost the game and then broke everything in front of him/her like a psycho (no offense), unless if the guy is a rich man/woman who can afford a new one and start over. To me, I'd like to put the hatred somewhere else, like in... Counter-Strike: Global Offensive... I can use cheats there in SP to f*ck the AI system, like manipulating the gravity to like "sticking on the earth like a strong magnet", or make it like no gravity like in outer space and make it stick on earth and they commited suicide (said that the player took xxx damage, from the earth).

I can do something with this game, with all the resources at hand...

Say, I can be able to create a short campaign and several missions here, from my one of the short stories called "Battle of Galway" that took place in 2002. You can download the PDF of what the story look like at Collection 2: Into the Deepest Part of the World from my second blog site.

For the start, I'm going to manipulate the 1984 campaign to add a new city called Galway in Ireland. The place is very close to the home port, Holy Loch, in England (UK).

Since this is a sea world, let's say that Lemoore de France insurgents had a lot of warships and transport ships instead of fighter aircrafts and tanks, and they started to claim northern seaboard. Hey ho!

I had to say, why I call this short, because task is relatively simple: take out the ships and LDF will start to surrender. Less enemy submarines. But then again, miscommunication led the commanding officers to falsely think about the soldiers gone AWOL. The Strike Mission included will make the soldiers fried in the missile shot, but when the mission has passed, it was a failure, however, because they have fled the missile attack.

Well, there are other crazy things I want to do with this game, but I'd start with a simple one: creating a simple Single Mission. And I told you, from the modding guide, this is a next level DYOM for submarine and sea battle simulation, because it requires simple scripting and how-to that can be learned from there.

Anyway, if you wonder WTF is this Cold Waters game, you can try by downloading and installing it from Ova Games website (click here). It's not too big on your size, though, nor it's too heavy. It requires only 2 GB of your disk's free space and a medium computer specification. This game is similar to San Andreas, only with the simulation and water world genre plus semi-HD models and textures, without action shooter and driving (actually, you are driving and navigating a submarine).
Review can be found here.

However, not all of them is fully moddable; ship models, aircraft models, weapon models, anything other than "StreamingAssets" directory is preset; you cannot add or replace any models here, and what you have is what you can design. As for images, it's also ditto as the models, but you can add custom images on your own. Mine has couple thousands of images and surely it can do something for it, at least.

Next up is... I know some of you San Andreas or V modders know about how the users can design airline or fighter jet skins, but the problem is, where they can get the template? That's where I'm trying to find out. Google Search keyword of "aircraft skin template" however, is not enough, because the search is widening.

For the F-15, however, I know exactly how the templates form for SkylineGTRFreak's F-15C/J mod in V. LockOnFiles and DCS website has one template for it since the base model is made by Gys and Valery. As for the other planes, I'm not so sure. This is where I need to find out.

And so, I'm out. Have a nice day, readers.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Insanity Mods? (Part 3)

I'm writing again about this INSANITY MOD Ezekiel is working, for the third time.

I just want to know, idk what went wrong, but I just applied 5 mods by him into the game without using Mod Loader, and it crashed right before the game is fully loaded.

Mods I installed are as follows:
  1. INSANITY Grove Street
  2. INSANITY Vegetation
  3. Reflections Mod (found somewhere during the yesterday's forum thread review)
  4. INSANITY Construction Site
  5. INSANITY Items
I installed fastman92's Limit Adjuster for the errors to be logged (since Win10 has no error report unless you read it at the Action Center). I put files from extracted, provided custom image file to objects.img file that separates world objects and ambient  objects (peds, vehicles, weapons, etc.), but as the game loads, the error pointed on objects.img file, which is sourced from the extracted custom image file inside. I deleted them and reload, and the game refused to load as "model xxxx do not have collision loaded". First is from the reflx files. Second is the LOD building in LS after restoring LA map files.

Also, the size grew larger very fast, as I have expected. With SRT3, the gta3.img size rose up to 1.91 GB, while the objects.img rose up to near 450 MB. This is because several HD Textures are in place.

Anyway, that car pack SiMi provided, if you install manually (without using Mod Loader), it'll literally gonna break either gta3.img or objects.img, because it's sized 2 GB for an extracted archive and you'll not gonna have an empty room for additional mods, unless if you can bypass the IMG Archives loaded limit using fastman92 Limit Adjuster or install it with Mod Loader.

I had to drop these insane world enrichment mods by Ezekiel as I preferred to not use a Mod Loader, although most of the people does. I'd stick to conventional way of installing mods, as I have done this repeatedly for 8 years.

Oh yeah, that objects.img file, it's a utility mod I made to separate categorization between world objects and cars/peds/weapons/animations/misc objects. Those are grabbed differently and I've mapped two IMG archives (one for animations, one for this cars/peds/weapons/anims/misc objects categorization) as the game itself can load 9 at max.

I may gonna release it soon, but no promises, though.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Insanity Mods? (Part 2)

I'm back again in writing about this INSANITY MOD by Ezekiel that he has been working on recently, after all this and that... (you know, kudos, angry people, lovers)

Anyway, recent release, the Construction Site theme, was found in my recent browsing on my phone last noon (like, midday). And I was in the forums page. And look on how colorful the forums page are. It's like what I tell you, kudos, angry people, lovers, and more likely you will met impatient people who want to get a mod from certain ready in a flash, or otherwise they will consider the project is dead, like Left 4 Theft and San Andreas '95 Story mods that I last visited, like, few months back.

I'm having interesting talks to tell you in this writing. Ready your ears, readers.


So I pursued the description from that mod release Ezekiel conducted and it led me to this GTAForums thread. I saw most of preview images were busted (or unavailable), but some are still operable. From there, I found download links and interesting talks when browsing through several pages, with an exception of angry people and those who are impatient. Most of them argued too much. TOO MUCH, if you ask me. Once I stumbled across a funny talk about "plz release it, i wanna go to skool," and the other guy replied, "go f*** yourself, nobody cares if u go to skool, u r childish." I don't think it found any sense about it; yet I have a schedule to keep, and I care less if people do their own activities, including what I'm doing now and in the future. Most people don't like to intrude unless it's necessary.

I've been getting several download links that people will like, such as this car pack, recently found dead end on the last page, but people said that it wasn't a part of INSANITY MODs as it's intended to make the game models go HD without changing its base model. I don't open YT videos at this rate, and I'm watching and subscribing which I like. So, I use my bypass by downloading the YT page instead of opening the URL and the video auto-plays. I chose to download both web page and the video using separate download managers. Video is with YouTube Downloader HD, web page with IDM. Easy as pie.

Before I continue further, I'll give you the link I got from the video description that was told:

[DL] Complete CarPack [AD] [IVF] [GTA SA] 1080p by SiMi
Part 1 (fix) | Part 2 (fix)

This was got on page 29 of the forum thread. Don't ask.

Crazy Links

Coincidence or not, on page 6 of the forum thread, I found several links that led me to something new for San Andreas Improvement. Listen to JaggedX99's words:
Hey there! Great mod, love the progress so far!
First thing is I see that in a screenshot you are using ped-spec on CJ. While that looks better than default SA, the mod Normal Map Plugin creates a much better effect.

I also have a few suggestions of other mods you could combine or work together with.

HRT 1.4 - "HRT 1.4 is remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas; a project of full textures replacement. Also mod includes improved models and other features."
This mod is doind pretty much the same thing you are. If you were to work together and share assets or combine the mods that would be great.

Open San Andreas - "Open San Andreas (OpenSA, OSA, Project OSA) is a major modification which makes most of GTA San Andreas interiors (+ 5-10% custom interiors) accessible via GTA IV style - dynamic doors or actual walkways instead of EnEx markers"
Combining these mods would really give the game that 'next-gen' feel.

Project San Andreas - Development has stopped but they uploaded the files with their files and assets so you could use those. There's some really useful looking stuff there.

SRt3 Mipmap 2014 - "SRt3 it's a San Andreas Mod, that retextures the entire map. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is to retexture any piece/object of San Andreas by textures of much higher quality."
Although this mod only retextures, the textures look better than HRT (in my opinion), so it's another option.
And that's all the ones I can remember for now, will post more once I stumble across them again.
Good luck developing!
Edit 1: Just one request: PLEASE eventually make the roads better quality (the mesh, make it higher poly/less jagged)
I've seen no SA mod do this, roads are ROUND. Jeez.
Edit 2: Does it work with SA Render and 2dfx?
In conclusion, I got new references: OSA, which I just opened before this writing made, and Project San Andreas - no one knows what went here and what went there, but I'll give it a look later. The words made Ezekiel shocked like sh*t. Others will surely follow.

GODLIKE! Computer Specification?

I tell you, it's GODLIKE!, judging from the told specs.
This was found on page 17 of the forum thread and it was interesting. There mentioned Intel Core i7 (one processor on most online shops in Indonesia is near 5 million Rupiahs) with speed of outrageously 4.67 GHz and 8 cores, 32 gigabytes of RAM (perhaps DDR4 or DDR5), and GeForce GTX 980 GPU card (with top price of 40 million Rupiahs on Tokopedia), reportedly with 4 gigabytes of VGA RAM and SLI support.

Mine's still way below the one LackaGTA owned. My new PC (bought like, few years back) is Intel Core i5 with speed of 2.7 GHz and 4 cores (reportedly can go up to 3.1 GHz using CPU-Z and Task Manager), 16 gigabytes of RAM, and Radeon RX 470 GPU card with 4 gigabytes of VGA RAM. Price with a new set of motherboard and casing was about 10 million Rupiahs, the cheapest, yet the most affordable and compatible with more modern and high complexity games, of which I mentioned earlier about games like Grane Theft Auto V and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I feel envious, but I don't want to waste a lot of money to get a new computer again. I don't like when people gets pissed when I want to buy something that's not people wanted. It's my parents, in this instance. I love them, I kiss them, I hug them, and I help them like an old and elderly. It has been two weeks since my grandma died...

Off-Skroz and Poetry?

Maybe someone is talented, maybe not. Why argue?
I found 2 interesting things within page 7 of the thread, the Off-Skroz, and a kind of like expression poetry by HeySlickThatsMe.

Ezekiel said at the opening of the page, he said "Yes Off-Skroz", then like, August 20, turbocharger said,
"Off-skroz" lel

Not everyone will understand.
Then it was followed by funny Cyrillic texting "But off скроз" by misterright1 and "Yеп, офф скроз." What's dis? Russian forum? 😂

Now here's the HeySlickThatsMe's turn. Listen.
i can say only thing
this mod looks better than gta 5 for me
it is the one of mods that i like
even looking at the pictures makes me hyped it is so beautifull
the best thing is
that also you are creating sounds by mixing random / gta 4 and gta 5 sounds
the same with map you mix it with random / gta 4 and gta 5 textures and custom models
and the same with cj it is so awesome
the hype train gonna explode in 5 seconds
even looking at the villa that is on the first pictures (the old ones that you created)
it looks so awesome that.... that.... *boom* hypetrain exploded :D

it is so awesome
cant wait for the release
this mod gives me a realistic felling
i love mods like this cuz you know
i like big cities (especialy in nights then the lightning looks beautifull) and if there are some palms
it makes me explode like that hypetrain lol

love that mod

even that realistic terrain is awesome i mean
you are on the mountain
you just walk walk and walk or drive drive and drive and now you see snow
that looks awesome
i suggest trying adding snow particles that are in high places in mountains
would be also nice to see some pigeons flying in the sky maybe some animals like deers and you can hunt
then with adding some like hunting mod (backpack , tent) this would look sick!

also next idea: try adding some accessories for cj like gta 5 michael backpack , robbing bags maybe fire fighter uniform?
to make it more epic!

*again hype train explodes and my brain explodes*
sry cant write anything my brain exploded looking at the screenshots  :lol:

and again i need to write next idea
try adding some interiors
i know that it is a lot of work but like fib building would be cool
with accessible interior maybe try adding gta 5 destroyed interior but try fixing it like delete broken things and make it like normal building

also i can help with this
i can make some nice blips (gta 5 and gta 4 ones)
and im gonna try to make my own radar i mean the minimap
i can also find good outfits etc that would look nice on carl johnson
like replace pimp suit with some tuxedo from gta 5 or gta 4
 Now I gotta have to say, YOU, ARE, TALENTED. But awkwardly, turbocharger replied, "Did you intend to write a poem, or you just wrote that in Notepad?" HeySlickThatsMe replied "idk lol."

GTAInd, the one I follow on the Blog Feed, STEALERS? 

I'm a bit surprised, that's why GTAInd website was full of DYOM craps of local people in my country; even a friend of mine told a story that they frequently plays DYOM missions of horror theme. What's this, a new DreadOut game?

Speaking of it, I don't play DreadOut. No, never. I started to hate horror movies and games the moment I realize that there's no barrier to freak the fucking me out.

Once in a while I checked the blog feed about GTAInd. Most of them are DYOMs in Indonesian language, and in a most likely, CRAP (no offense). That includes the one uploaded by ARINNE @ GTAInside: "Save Miku" (singer Hatsune Miku in prison?) and "Challenge Kagamine" (singer Hatsune Miku challenged the Kagamine twins in a car race with LSPD on your ass). One point, like, 2016, I found a skin pack of several protagonists from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, of which it includes unfamiliar, but recognized in the anime series, such as the temperamental Iwabe Yuino, a potential hacker Denki Kaminarimon, the girl who wished to be a WMD in episodes 13 and 14 Sumire Kakei and the summoning animal called Nue, this fat bomber girl like in Angry Birds movie ChoCho Akimichi, a talented artist who draw pictures in full color Inojin Yamanaka, the second Albert Einstein Shikadai Nara, and the daughter of Uzumaki family Himawari Uzumaki. Idk where the user got it, but it was damn effective for my new DYOM mission: Yakuza Hunter. Likely enough that he doesn't mention where he got that, although I'd personally like to look for original resources. Unfortunately, none of the users in GTAInside release that model pack, and it was likely sourced from maybe the Russian, Portuguese, or Spanish websites. I'm not sure the location unless if I put a good keyword on Google.

Okay, back to topic. This is quite interesting, yet surprising to me, because I never thought that GTAInd is just a mere local modding website, but unfortunately, FULL OF STEALERS (in what's look like, despite DYOM missions are pure locals made). I found this on page 11 of the thread, and Samid_27 started this "issue about GTAInd".
Hey man, i got a stealer, he give another link to your mods
 Eevee said,
What kind of link are you posting?

EDIT: Lol nevermind, its just Microsoft Edge error. And also, they aren't stealing they putted the original author name and not some dumb noob's name.
 Jinx: "He just posted a link where he spotted some guys uploading the OP's mod on their database. It's just obvious enough, lol."

Eevee: "No not that :p, I cant access it from Microsoft Edge since it thinks that its an invalid link."

Ah :p

Also lol, Microsoft Edge. Use Internet Explorer or Chrome, since it works for me.
 Aerovitia: "GTA-Ind are actually contains many stolen mods by a bunch of Indonesian memester kids who runs SA on a netbook (and to the extend, the site owner who calling himself an 'enterpreneur'). Even the site logo are obviously ripped from GTA-Inside."

Eevee: "Ive been wondering why I cant use the link on Microsoft Edge, thought it was GTAInside link :p then when I used chrome I noticed the logo was the same as GTAInside"

Marty McFly: "That's right, many of my mods are on this site also. Seems like Indonesians can't come up with anything new on themselves, only copy and modify but not invent. And when you call them out for stealing, they seem to not understand at all that it is morally false to fake authorship for someone else's mod."

I'm very sorry about this and I respect every modders of you who give something to this community. Yes, I've seen hundreds (or maybe thousands?) stolen mods and shame on me that some of them are from Indonesia.

But I just want to clarify some things. Not every Indonesian modders are stealer. Some of my friends are working on mods from scratch (car mods for example). And they all are one of the best modders I've ever known. Yes, I've seen people complaining their mods been stolen because of Indonesian people. I'm sorry for this, I can't do much to prevent that thing to happen again.
Never judge a Book by It's cover is really necessary in this case. I know few Indonesian Modders who came up with their own, made it from scratch, and release it, and then they're stolen. Yes, there really is a Lazy Indonesian who can't do anything and can't differ what's Morally true or wrong. 

I have saw many Indonesian Modders are talented, Mindfully opened, and really Handling their Skills. But, every bright side has their own dark.
See what I mean?

Well, I had to admit. I grabbed mods, I invent them, and if there is something I like to add, I'll tamper them. This is where the creativity talks, people. Modding is about creativity and imagination. If you want a dream on making something worthy (or even less worthy, but there's a large in need to others) for the people, create your own mods.

TBH, I'm taking an example of jojo2791's awesome Passenger scripts. It's now in development progress to make most helicopters compatible. And yeah, this is coordinates-demanding, because it requires lots of game tests to see the results, or (if the model is unlocked) use ZModeler to calculate the offsets of a new helicopter I'm trying.

I've also developed a great idea of solving modding issues when gta3.img archive size exceeds 2 GB. I even have a full test on a stock game and it runs like you are running fresh without mods. I'll tell you about this later when it's released.

However, since I work alone, idk if some of my SA mods are released in GTAInd, although my disclaimer said "free redistribution, with author's name mentioned clearly". I'll try use a unique keyword to locate if my mods are uploaded in GTAInd. Likewise, I only grab some of them from there if nothing exists within Google Search.

I can pull a valuable message from that conversation. You know where that is, right?


While I continued to scroll within pages and pages of the forum thread, I found one interesting WIP mod and forum thread that comprised of 4D(?) universe of GTA in old RAGE - the V to SA and IV to SA mod. The tall-tale is simple: replaces San Andreas map with the map from GTA V and GTA IV. Nothing else to say.

It is said that the mod is WIP and worked by only two Russian people. Idk what to say, but for a lone modder like me, two people working on a TC mod is VERY AWESOME.

INSANITY Artworks and Audio Pack

Well, there's nothing more to tell beside angry and impatient people demanding to make a release of INSANITY MOD by Ezekiel, but as the page scrolling continued on and on, Ezekiel has created two other forum threads: one is about artworks (even pages on IG or Twitter put their eyes on him) and another is the audio pack.

The artworks is where you can admire some of his creativity of work. The Audio Pack is about the release of a HD audio pack that can go alongside INSANITY MODs.

Artwork Thread
Audio Pack Thread

If you want to download his audio pack you can go straight to page 2 or from this quick-link to GTAInside.

Well, at least this is one of the longest blog post I ever made (perhaps this is the first). All these writings are made based on my heart's content, and my intention to let people know more about me, either real-life or virtual. It's like, I'm reviewing the contents of this forum thread to let you know what will happen next to this forum in the future. In the end, all rests to the Almighty whether this thread can be the same again like last year or different in 2018.

I hope you enjoy much of what I review from the thread. Stay tuned for more and have a nice day, readers.