Saturday, July 1, 2017

Finally... Closedown

Well, a closedown, I guess.

Fired up the internet today to find Nevitro's Bomb mod, and just in a surprise, when I hit up 4-mods, it eventually closed down and rerouted to GTAGaming instead, with a little message from DarkValorous. It has now becoming a static archive site for files now. Damn, I miss rappo.

Well, so be it. No more logging in to that site as the log-in and sign-up procedures there are removed. Still, it could be a great idea if AgenBlaze can join either GTAInside or LCPDFR, which I'm starting to learn from noob to pro about C# programming language. Just like anyone else logging in there, they got jinxed, but still have some hope for anyone who sign up to other communities, like GTAAll and GTAGarage. It's now only a matter of time before a site gets jinxed again, like the FBI closedown procedure to the Sharebeast site. The feds not only knows pirated song from inside their lands (USA), but also legit and pirated files, which had not been saved by the time they close it.

Profile update, I guess.

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