Friday, July 22, 2016

Diagram and Plans of Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer

So let's begin. Here's what I do recently to the pre-exported Burke-class destroyer. Not almost as similar as the picture above, though, the destroyer ship can be fitted with SM2 missiles, Harpoon ASMs, and Tomahawk cruise missiles, as well as a frontal main gun and two CIWS turrets. It can land with a max of two helicopters as of Flight II type.

Games that based on old DCS like LOMAC, LO:FC, LO:FC2, and DCS: Black Shark only limit weapons functions to anti-air, anti-ship, and anti-ground combat. A cruiser like Ticonderoga-class and a frigate like Oliver Hazzard Perry-class has this function. Tico-class is equipped with same weapons as Burke-class, but Perry-class is minus one: the Tomahawk.

There are advantages and disadvantages placing the Burke-class destroyer in the DCS game. You can have the same advantages/benefits as the Tico-class, but a matter of fact is that the ship is armed with only a 127mm frontal cannon. There is a chance that the ship may encounter CQC, such as fighting speedboats, but since they can't fight while they are on their six (behind the ship), they may be able to catch up and deal a damage continuously with machine gun fire.

Bow Diagram and Plans

The ship is armed with a 127mm main gun in front of the VLS launch box and a CIWS gun right above it. The main gun, VLS launch box, and the CIWS gun will follow the configurations done on Ticonderoga-class Cruiser.

Forward Bridge Diagram and Plans

You can find nothing special here, but recently I noticed two boxes of turrets near the chimneys that are unknown; probably torpedo launchers or something. I will be mapping it for special purposes, maybe for launching mortars.

Aft Bridge Diagram and Plans

One CIWS turret and four large launcher tubes for Harpoon ASMs. There is also two 3-barreled torpedo launchers near the VLS launch box, for launching anti-ship or anti-sub torpedoes. The CIWS turret and Harpoon launcher tubes will follow the configurations done on Ticonderoga-class Cruiser.

 Stern Diagram and Plans

The design of this ship is most likely the Flight I of  Burke-class Destroyer, which is a likely that the ship is much more like Perry frigate, but only a max of a single helicopter to be landed instead of two, for both Perry and Ticonderoga. Well, IMO, the helipad is large enough to land two Ka-27s or SH-60Bs, if they can manage "the helipad parking".

Flagship Retexture and Rotating Sonar Receiver

Up on the forward bridge is where I can retexture it to much more like the Japanese ship. I did played Naval Ops Commander in PS2 and being familiar with this one class of destroyer the Japanese has. So, has anyone watched the Battleship movie lately?

JS Myoko is becoming one of my references now after I added the Japan country in FC2. Now there is a possibility to have an Aegis ship for Japan despite the US largely has it, particularly the Tico-class, which has been used up until the modern DCS games like DCS: World. Well, it's sad though, that only 4 are produced and being superseded by newer ones. Well, for warship lovers, I'd like to say, you'll be amazed with the wilderness of its armaments.

Okay, diagram and plans are through, time to remake. Testing will be underway when it's done.

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