Saturday, July 8, 2017

Okay, gotta pull back what I said...

Okay, gotta pull back what I said... been experiencing another perma-limbo today, and I found out that the game doesn't stuck on loading (when entering a police station) if I connect myself on the internet. WTF is this? I gotta link my account to server every time I play LCPDFR? One rare issue just got broken out of nowhere in the middle of my enjoyment, learning, and this so... goddamn hilarious shit.

So basically it's my, and only my, rare issue I have with this LCPDFR, reminding that during the last time before I got a new PC, crashes often occur during high tension cop chase. Then I put the LCPDFR into an extensive action and linked my account to server. One day, all stopped because of "forever game loading with weird stuck" just to know that LCPDFR "depends" on Internet connection that I found out today. What the...

I can't tell why this is happening to me. Probably because of bad luck, or... HDD? Yeah, I have my old HDD snapped to new computer and old OS (Windows 7) got formatted because I'm using Windows 10 now. GTA IV directory has been moved and then reinstalled again to remove mod traces. It's a bad luck to see LO:FC2's current patch (1.1.2) uses the new locking mechanism (StarForce Protection) intended for Windows 7, while the unpatched simulator game has its locking mechanism intended for all OS types. So the DCS: Black Shark. I had no choice but to use the SKIDROW's crack to play it in version 1.0.2 to bypass the lock (that removes the hassle of inputing keys).

I'm about to tell this to LCPDFR Forums, see if I can find out the results. I only need videos of comparison to get the proof of my rare bug occasion. But... what if they don't believe me?

Yeah, well... bad luck's running on me. My game is cracked, but in latest version (GTA IV and EFLC, mods do fine, and most of the times, singleplayer only, no multiplayer (don't have RGSC account and GFW:L got closed and unused by Microsoft).

Now, remembering about Megaman-phobia... guess when this new game "Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker" or whatever that is, gets released, I'm gonna get a new set of personal BGM pulled out from Megaman X5 and Megaman X6 video games I watched, but not played, on PS1. The songs really suit the futuristic world, because we all know that for the 14 episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the villages have now moved on to the advanced technology of information delivering, communication services, and military weapons. I would be expecting aliens came down to Earth so that they can learn new tech like laser weapons and spacesuit.

Still, I don't suffer it anymore to say that I chased Naruto and Boruto as a fan. Need to learn Japanese these days... but... what if those guys look like X or Zero in those Megaman video games? Better not get carried off these days.

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