Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tom and Jerry Resurfaced, Sumire's an Ally, LCPDFR, and more

Well, what I was expecting during Ramadan is over. Captain Tsubasa has been replaced by Tom and Jerry: Tales by GlobalTV and after that, no game shows; Big Movies Family. Right now is Jurassic Park. Kinda hate that gunfight and ancient post-apocalyptic dinosaurs that just got its VO dubbed to Indonesian. Last night, The A-Team movie, got some part of Indonesian subtitles censored, like "gila" (English: crazy) and "berengs*k" (English: motherf***er). That's the intro. Not with some parts like "sial" (English: shit) and "bodoh" (English: fool). That's really wanna make me puke that I'd rather watch it on Joox or download via torrent (╬╝Torrent should be good rather than BitLord, its online installer made AVG crazy). Sniper special on Trans TV still fine.

Episode 14 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations really turns out that the "Ghost" incident finally gone ashore. Interception team suspected Sumire to be a threat to the national security. However, turns out, Boruto made an interception with Mitsuki soon after the big badass monster, "Nue", recalled upon to be dragged into the other world.

Despite tough battle, the conclusion indicate that she can be persuaded to stop "nuking" the village and returned home in one piece. Well, friendship can break the evil, one step at a time.

Into the LCPDFR now. Got 2 days holiday and haven't yet touch the tut book. Right now is the download hunt in LCPDFR site, looking for scripts. Apparently, most of the guys don't do API development again, or as yet known as "updates". Rush Hour still beta, and it will until unlimited time. In the other side, I might as well look for GTA Scripting Tutorial after the basics of C# learned. Then I can go for the hard part: building ASI; after the basics of C++ learned. Apparently, light basis of C++ has been learned thanks to Borland C++ Builder lessons I got during Interactive Multimedia lesson.

Fallout 4. Just got myself entering the Survival difficulty, and this is indeed, like Fallout: New Vegas with Hardcore mode enabled. What's new compared to New Vegas is that the traveling from one place to another, and condition when exceeding carry limit. New Vegas still use the Fallout 3 system with new weapons and removal of some default weapons. Instead of New Vegas that when, for example, the dehydration level is maxed out (to 1000) and die instantly, Fallout 4 has different system. The character will do periodical damage the longer you left the character suffer.

For the condition of exceeding carry limit, New Vegas treats it like Fallout 3. Unlike them, Fallout 4 treats it differently, which in this case, the "Strong Back" perk is highly dependable (in 3 and New Vegas only adds 50 pounds of carry weight, and fast travel feature perk when carrying items above carry limit was provided separately; Burden to Bear adds 50 more in New Vegas, equivalent to Rank 2 of Strong Back perk in 4). And what's real: over-encumbered cause periodical damage, equivalent to anyone who has backache for carrying items on their back that is too heavy.

Well, at some point, doing repetitive tasks is fun, but I think I already know how it ends, except for the female one, when at the end, you end up joining the Institute, blowing the Brotherhood of Steel out of the sky and cleansing the Railroad right at its lair while you make the peace with the people of the Commonwealth. I already got the male one about how it ends when you join up the Institute.

GTA IV. Old computer has some issues with it, especially with the LCPDFR. It doesn't play well after being CTD-ed during cop chase with HD cars and helis. And LCPDFR... everytime I enter the police station, it got stuck on the loading sequence. I'm hoping for this new PC to get it working like the old times so that I can start making script using LCPDFR API. And I do hope that I can be the new programmer guy who can do nearly anything to reveal technological wonders this world has hidden.

Anyway, I give a fuck about smartphones, but who knows? I'd chose to have a cheap but still provide modern tech to keep providing fast Internet access. Less than a million should be good.

Just few days ago I tested Julio's old scripts (Jetpack, Jerry Can) on IV and EFLC and no crashes for several minutes in cop chase. Well, just to find out that Jerry Can and Minigun scripts cause CTD when spawning a weapon via Trainer. Removing them solve the problem. Can't tell why it has since I firstly have it. Perhaps Jerry Can caused the problem? Or the Minigun?

Back to the testing, I guess.

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