[REL|FC2] Naruto 607 RU & US Advanced Weapons v1.2

Okay, v1.2 is out. I guess it really take some time to have this mod fixed so anyone can enjoy. The size is pretty small rather than the main mod, so yeah, it is an upgrade pack for v1.1. The pack also includes the updated patches for v1.2; now patches that can be used in v1.1 can be used in v1.2.

As said in previous post, the upgrade pack includes the Su-35 Enhanced Weapons Upgrade mod destined for v1.1, but with expanded/wide range of weapons that can be loaded either in APU or AKU racks. It also includes AASM without a rack (mapped as a rack) and enhanced scripts. As usual, this upgrade pack comes with sim stability; modified ObjArrays.lua and wsTypesTree.lua are not included.

What's new in version 1.2?

  • Used elements of Su-35 Enhanced Weapons Upgrade patch for v1.1 of RU & US Advanced Weapons
  • Expanded weapons that use APU-470 and AKU-470 pylons (which contained in 3GO Su-27 v1.5p mod) - including but not limited to (Rocket launchers, ATM, is not yet included): 
  1. Bombs (limited, but includes KAB guided bombs as well)
  2. Anti-air missiles (AAM)
  3. Anti-surface/tank/vehicle missiles (A2GM)
  • Removed aircrafts/helicopters that use RBS-15F and placed it only on MiG-21 Naruto-6
  • Changed pylon for 2 ALARMs from Hellfire rack (which seemed to be unusual) to an F2-imitated rack (LAU-7 used on F-4E)
With this changing, 2 ALARM loadouts have been removed from Tornado GR3 (GR.4, actually).
  • Missions have been configured to adapt with this upgrade (including the Spring Tempest campaign that use Su-27SM2 aircraft)
  • "Su-27 - Furball" player/wingman and friendly aircrafts are now Su-27SM2
  • Properly adjusted the strike timing of MiG-23-98-2s in "Su-33 - Black Sea Battle"
  • (NEW IN THIS VERSION) New missions and campaigns have been added to the entry (all downloaded straight from DCS User Files site)
  • Readjusted the MiG-21 weapons - I noticed that pylons 3 and 5 have launch rails, so I decided to change the loadout
Now pylons 3 and 5, when they loaded with AAMs, you will never see the stacked rail (rail under rail) for those.
  • Removed intro camera for "F-15C - Furball"
 This is because I added the random aircrafts that will land on an airbase; using intro camera will prevent the random aircrafts to be shown randomly at the start of the mission.
I forgot about this, so I fixed it in this version. Sorry. :|
  • Improved the aircraft's loadout for some missions
  • Fixed bug of Rafale pylon used on Mirage 2000 (actually it is intended for Rafale aircraft, but ATM, I didn't include it)
  • (NEW IN THIS VERSION) Fixed empty loadout for original Spring Tempest campaign in some missions and enhanced the original Spring Blood/Spring Tempest/Revanche campaign
I do say this is the devs' fault for their "forgetness", but I don't blame them. Good job, anyway.
  1. Original 2707.miz: the 4th aircraft is unarmed while in the briefing is said to be armed (could be dangerous as the 4th wingman will be shot down too early) - added 2707 on Sortie name. I do say that in MP (Mission Planner) you can't provide armament for the 4th aircraft, so I fixed it to how should it be.
  2. Original 2708.miz: Your aircraft is unarmed (WTF?). Though this can be fixed by accessing the Rearming menu in the sim (Maintenance --> Rearm --> loadout to your liking), or access the MP and arm your aircraft, you might want to say, this is quite tiring, especially if you have repeated mission failures here.
  3. Original 2710.miz: Idk what to explain here anyway... I brought a fix by EvilBivol-1 for this mission, but I cannot guarantee it will accomplish the mission and the campaign.
  4. Revanche04.miz: New loadout - for the start of the mission you will be given 40 S-8KOM, 40 S-8OFP2, 2 KMGUs each with different load, and laser-guided S-25. Your wingman, each will be given 40 S-8KOM, 40 S-8OFP2, and 4 RBK-500.
  5. Revanche08.miz: Due to the retreat, your weapons will be weakened. You will be given 128 S-5KO, 2 Kh-25ML, and 8 FAB-100s. Your wingman will be given 192 S-5KO and 10 S-13.
  6. Revanche12.miz: New loadout - for the start of the mission you will be given 80 S-8KOM, 40 S-8OFP2, and 10 S-13 like in "Peace Enforcement" mission. Your wingman will be given 192 S-5KO and 10 S-13.
  7. SB1505.miz: added additional briefing details in ROE section from SB1505_RU_US.miz. This is because you will encounter enemy SAMs right below you when passing through. Read it and you'll be cautious in the sim.
  8. SB1508.miz: New loadout - for the start of the mission you and your wingman will be given 8 AIM-120Cs and a fuel tank (ready to get CRAZY?!).
  • Now added Blindspot's Modified ME by Blindspot and Info List Patch v1.7.4 by nomdeplume (should enhance the FC2 even more, yeah!)
  • Improved the F-16C aircraft to match the Wikipedia details + minor code cleanup for all F-16 scripts
  • AIM-7s are now usable in all F-16 variants, can be armed on pylons 4 and 7
  • "Over the Hump" MiG-29S Campaign fix included and is merged with original Over the Hump campaign with custom sound (mission will kept original).
  • Fixed gapped Sidewinder in LAU-127A rack (for Super Hornet) when the third drawing argumentation (drawarg) is added - it has been removed for now
  • Improved and new loadouts (yay!)
  • Some missions that has replay camera data has been removed to conserve file size
The removed ones are the missions that doesn't have "continue_track" file in "track_data" folder.
  • Expanded Maverick Loads (AGM-65H can now carry in LAU-88 racks of 2 and 3 like other Mavs like DCS: A-10C)
  • Pylonless AGM-65G and AGM-65H included
  • Removed Training Mavs for all aircrafts


Before you begin, ensure that you already have the v1.1 of this mod. If you don't, get it here (1.75 GB).
Install the mod without any patches (just that mod) then install v1.2, get it here (459 MB).
My mod includes the repacked version of Combined Forces Weapons mod; if you want the original version for clean FC2 game, get it here.

Future Releases

Future releases of this mod is linked to v1.1 of this mod. If you spot a bug, let me know, so that I can include it here. As usual, proposed future releases include:
  • Replace the Shturm ATGMs on Apaches with AIM-92 Missile Pod (firing 2 FIM-92C missiles per pod) - reference from AC:AH
  • Add the Igla Missile Pod for Ka-50, Mi-24, and Mi-28 (firing 2 Igla-S missiles per pod) - reference from AC:AH
  • Expand the weapons variation (like PB-250, unmapped Aerial Torpedoes, unmapped Aerial Depth Charges, etc.)
  • Modify Weapons.dll OR merge UPK-23-250 with GUV-8700 and change the loadout system


As usual, this mod follows the EXCLUSIVE period as of v1.1 and will end after 30 days since the release of v1.1. If you plan to publish the v1.1 of this mod when the EXCLUSIVE period ends, make sure that you include the v1.2 upgrade pack when publishing. People may brag about bugs just because you didn't include the v1.2 upgrade pack - ensure that you include it before people spam my email or Facebook with game/sim bugs.

During the EXCLUSIVE period you MAY NOT republish this mod to any media without my written permission, EXCEPT if you want to use this mod in Multiplayer.