Friday, June 30, 2017

Chasing downloads by PANICO TOTAL

Should be something worth try to me. Recently just got CTD during NS:UNS4 gameplay and fired up GTA V for nearly 55 seconds.

While I do rebuilding tracks of what I just left in my modding times, I'm starting to chase download packages by PANICO TOTAL @ GTA5-Mods while I still have a chance, and... an enormous quota, about 4.8 gigs or so.

There are parents' homeworks need to be done, but dunno how long will I skip it.

The pack by PANICO TOTAL... in one side it's unique and diminishes the hassle of looking for military aircraft or equipments/vehicles as a replacement vehicle in GTA V. Another side is that the size. A pack may contain more than 50 vehicles with outstandingly and approx. 10 to 20 MB size per vehicle. Usually the model (mesh) costs smaller. But the texture... HD ones could cost 15 or more megabytes.

I stumbled across the packs he made several times and got a chance to get them, in separate connection. Never use home ones. The bonus package has been changed from "night-time Internet" to a "streaming bonus". The new policy Smartfren used now. But it may seem from one point that connection in my college seems slow with the growing users connected to it. Night-time usually has low users, but it doesn't guarantee it'll provide fast connection. I did remember last time during the WannaCry incident, only local servers (intranet) are served. No internet that time. That "maximum paranoia" against their students' data.

Glad that's over, but this is far from over. The hacker's still at large and may launch attack again at some point.

Plans? Nothing. It's the fact that I love aviation and modern warfare, and I thought, GTA V has best graphics ever since the first time I try it.

Future plans? Perhaps trying to rig a complete set of Naruto's family to revamp Michael's family when I got skills on rigging peds. Maybe... changing Tracey to Himawari for example, but it might really awkward if I see her ride a car (and none in the real life says about a young girl rides a real car and not a toy car). Hinata as Amanda and Naruto as Michael still makes sense. They aged for about thirties or so, with adequate height for a driver.

3 days left from going back to school days. Eid day is over. People go back from their villages where they birth, and Obama finished his vacation in Indonesia. Got nothing else to try except Fallout 4, which the session is over just to look that it's a repetitive task over and over again, but hey... I already have too many Legendary items, with mostly focused on armor pieces than weapons. Fat Man has rarest intensity than others. One that is surprisingly expensive is when you want to buy "the special" Fat Man one from Arturo @ Diamond City, also one of the Legendary items sold very expensive. With the DLCs in place, a wide range of Legendary armor pieces and weapons will be included, with this, of course, increases rarity to the original/non-DLC weapons. Legendary DLC weapons often come without ammunition from the legendary corpse (not so with the legendary melee weapons as they do not use ammunition), for example the Harpoon Gun and Lever-action Rifle from the Far Harbor DLC, and the Handmade Rifle from Nuka-World DLC. The Western Revolver from Nuka-World DLC includes ammunition from the corpse as it shares similar shape and ammo type to the regular .44 Magnum Revolver. This, of course, was an exception. And those, except the revolver, can have its ammunition bought by visiting places that sell the specific ammunition.

Well, time to chase down the download while it lasts.

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