Friday, June 30, 2017

No Continuation: Paradox

Just so to stumble across GTAGarage site for new military DYOM missions...

Been many years since the SABF (San Andreas Battlefield) DYOM mission was made, but until then, no continuation after last 3 missions made. I gotta admit, the scripting is awesome, combining DYOM and CLEO script into one, but they're only specific for it. Problem is, The Counter Attack mission has some issues with frequent CTDs when using CLEO 4.3 and some script mods that I can't figure it out which one that conflicts. Need to traceback.

Now, Crisis of 2016: Rage of Task Force 141 also suffer the same fate. No continuation of its sequel, the Paradox. Only 2 missions made and that's it. No news at all on GTA:F.

Perhaps the makers have gone into other game or busy handling their college things. It's not that I hardly wait for the new release, making you makers get pissed, but everyone has their lives to run, right?

Several perspectives saw DYOM is similar to BAM (GTA V), so maybe they moved on to that. I can't guarantee anything if the names like lee_atsugai or Yezz007 surfaced on GTA V. Just sayin'.

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