Thursday, June 29, 2017


Continuing the talk of SAPDFR in previous post I told...

Need to keep track these days beside being a GitHub user. Google Search found several results on SAPDFR that is relevant for me to use:

SAPDFR (ASI Plugin) [GTAForums Topic]

The topic in GTAForums is ratherly unique in many ways. SAPDFR are ALWAYS being updated time by time, but I see no progress lately. OJDoesIt (or a.k.a. HereisOtis) was still online, got commented on last post by someone just about a week ago. Can't tell how it's stopped anyway, just to be assure that I already used Hoodlum Executable (GTA SA v1.0 US Hoodlum EXE) for the last 10 or maybe more years. First time I tried SAPDFR was nice, but I haven't yet tested additional features since I got DYOM missions really conflicting time to achieve objectives just to say that "sudden callouts" happen during one time. This's similar to LSPDFR and BAM (Build a Mission) mixed into one in GTA V.

Anyway, if you stumble across the one you found as CLEO script (version 4.0), don't take it. Head over to Forums; that's where you get the stable version compared to CLEO.

So, I tried to design myself a new DYOM mission involving SAPDFR in some ways. I might as well prepare 20 missions beside being a regular cop, advancing your progress to be a Commissioner, although no saves positions were placed. These missions will include special request from the Dispatch about handling suspects or criminals in many ways. I had references from the old PS1 game about cop chase, but hadn't got time to see the end (last time I know that I was being stuck at disarming the bombs with a bomb squad van and chase the suspect after the bombs got defused). The progress have been reached to near the end so far, but the disc got roughed up, a.k.a. unreadable, but not broken. Can't remember what title of the game it was, because the discs and the console was gave up to other people as "collectors item". Boy... I need references these days. And I need simple emulator for it.

Speaking of it, I remember much about tutorials (3 mission tutorials in the Police Academy training ground), chasing a drunkard driver in suburban, and my favorite: driving an APC or some kind of tank to eliminate the drivers riding a tank. Even a policeman need to do drive-by with a bazooka on their hands. Was the hardest, and yet, the most favorite mission ever.

Hey, last time I did that game, I don't know how to speak English. Tough times. Now I just need time to start remembering the title of that and... might as well get the download of the emulator to sort/test it out, so that I can have references on DYOM mission I'm trying to create.

Also, I did weird times of me with that video game. You see, every time I saw an ambulance, I collide with it and having imaginations of crying baby inside it, like what you can describe as a woman just got pregnant while OTW to the hospital. When colliding with another police cruiser I saw, I was thinking about having police convoy like those in the real life, like Paspampres or in English as "Presidential Security Troops" similar to the Secret Service in US.

I haven't yet got a bonus vehicle of a bomb squad van, although I already got the undercover taxi car as a bonus in achieving "side events" during the ongoing mission, like in NS:UNS4 that you will get bonus items like Bronze Shuriken or Silver ANBU Mask when you complete a side event like "Finish with Secret Technique" or "Connect with Throw x times" beside winning the fight.

I also found glitches in that game as well, like when doing drive-by in a Ranger cruiser (the Police Rancher in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) window offset is placed weirdly when opened and restored back to normal when closed. Perhaps it's a bug from the game itself. Can't tell how the update goes, though; it's a very old video game.

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