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[REL|FC2] Naruto 607 RU & US Advanced Weapons v1.4 - Complete Series

Before telling you about the mod release, for this week I have some news.
  • After the release of this mod, I'll be joining the GTAInside shortly, with same nickname I used firstly in GTAGaming. Be note that the ReadMe containing GTAGaming referral should be referred as GTAInside now.
  • Is it me, or I misplaced some item shit? I got lost a book I bought from Jakarta and a laptop charger at my college. Gladly, a friend from the next class managed to recover my laptop charger, and I brought it back home safely. The book, however, was another story as I didn't put my name on it. Silly me.
  • A new proposal to join NexusMods will be pended. One account to manage GTA mods should be enough, but when I think that Fallout 4 game can do the full modding like GTA V, this will be put into consideration.
  • I do not plan to further upgrade this mod anymore, unless I have an adequate training on 3ds Max 7 about making my own aircraft and assigning the object arguments, but I'll do some patches for DCS: Black Shark v1.0.2 and compatibility on Russian version of FC2 that is specific for this mod. Right now, the 3ds Max training is prettily low as I mainly focused on informatics.
The v1.4 - Complete Series is a combination of v1.1, v1.2, and v1.3 and further enhanced and improved to create a comprehensive, full-effort, and vanilla-compatible Total Conversion mod for LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2. Because lots of efforts have been put into this mod, lots of thanks have been given to many authors who have been using them in their releases.

Unlike 1-MOD v3.4, the Naruto 607 RU & US Advanced Weapons v1.4 - Complete Series is a modification that enhances aircraft weapons (both fictionally and realistically) and adding new variants of aircraft without EVER overriding original aircraft models. In 1-MOD v3.4, you can have access to fly any aircraft, but there are some functions that only AI can use. This mod, however, do not have that to maintain originality, which in such, upgraded aircrafts based from the same model can be piloted (such as Su-35 and F-15J), with an exception of the A-10C.

What's more, comparing to 1-MOD v3.4, this mod has lots of new weapons with realistic A2A kinematics, having it very close to the real life counterparts. New skins for specific aircrafts are ADDED and NOT REPLACED, with an exception of HD VNAO skins, which they are REPLACED to reduce archive file size. This also include the missile pods for helicopters, so missiles that are assigned as SAM are duplicated, having the same stats as SAM itself, but with new declaration (as placing the missile while unchanged has issues of unable to fire).

Oh, and one more thing: there is no way a B-52 bomber, for example, can carry Harpoons as much as 40 missiles (WTF?), something that anybody should never wish in 1-MOD v3.4. All aircraft weapons loading configuration have been configured realistically so no one should see a bomber can carry 40 Harpoon missiles. In fact, some aircrafts have given special ability, like a B-52 can drop a single AGM-62 that is used on Hornet C.

I feel quite pity about how 1-MOD set up the Mirage 2000 aircraft that is taken from AdA-Mod. Because it didn't broken into 5 or 7 variants like this one, you can change skins in there, but there will be no GA support (only an AGM-65D placed inside the aircraft - holy shit) and static immatriculation setting - yet scripts grabbed from AdA-Mod are most likely untouched.

This mod now brings justice to that problem. You can have the same style as AdA-Mod, but here I added two new variants: the further upgraded Mirage 2000-5 Mk. II (based from Mirage 2000-5C) and the Mirage 2000N-K3 (based from Mirage 2000N with an addition of Reco NG pod).

Predator drone. The MQ/RQ-1 is named as MQ-9 Reaper (which it doesn't look like it based from Google Images and Wikipedia) in 1-MOD v3.4, which after tests with heavy armaments, the drone cannot compensate the weight of the weapons and starts falling if started from the air. This mod only adds 2 new pylons specifically for Hellfires and it can now load GBU-12 like the loadout editor interface Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation movie. Pretty cool, huh? Also it has a new skin destined for UK.

Su-35. Because no supporting pylons available, for Su-27SM Mod for FC2, weapons on pylons 4 and 9 will "float" or glued under the wing. However, addressing from a v1.5p mod of 3GO's Su-27 Flanker, Su-35 is now made possible, having it more realistic than before. Some limitations of this one is that this aircraft do not have refueling hook like the Su-33 and it cannot be armed with rockets on pylons 4 and 9. This is to address floating rocket pod issue in Su-35 Enhanced Weapons Upgrade patch for v1.1.

All in all, this mod adds new weapons and upgrades the existing aircraft to have realistic manner and a good flight. Anyway, I explained too much about comparison. It's not that I meant to make this mod popular, but to address the fixes that 1-MOD v3.4 might encounter, like AI aircrafts cannot attack each other. I even tried myself the Aircraft Addons Pack, but it was a TOTAL FAILURE because of the AI bug that it can only replace specific aircraft for a full function of AI system, not other than that, such as F/A-18A with A-7E. New upgraded models installed in my mod do not have AI bug, except from v1.0, which ObjArrays.lua and wsTypesTree.lua can cause AI error when being modded to add new aircrafts. Variations can be expanded, but defining object arrays do not.

The mod also removes dependency of activation/deactivation of Kh-15 (AS-16 "Kickback") missiles that in v1.0 to v1.3, because of Naruto campaign incompatibility during tests, it causes game crash during load when loading some elements. Compatibility checks will be run after the mod reaches the "ready" stage (complete version).

Download Link

Because 4shared has an uploading limit of 2 GB per file, I uploaded only to my Google Drive, both main package and the addon pack. The main package is ModMan-compatible. If you have ModMan (version is recommended), place the main package to addons_fc2 folder of your ModMan directory. Addon pack must be extracted as it is not a ModMan package, and I count 6 archives, one is another archive, the rest are ModMan package. Inside the other archive contains additional or optional mods in ModMan package that can be installed on your discretion.

Please note, you cannot install the Addon Pack without the main package. If you insist, you'll be risking to break the FC2 game. The loss of the files done with this way are not into my concern. Use it at your own risk.

Main Package Download (2.35 GB)
Addon Package Download (582 MB)

Always create a backup (and if possible, the whole LockOn FC2 directory) in case if the installation interrupted or if you want to revert back to the original game. Before making a backup, ensure that your FC2 game has been upgraded to v1.2.1.

EDIT: Files have been reuploaded - Names.lua doesn't map the HTS Pod properly on F-16C. If you have downloaded them at start but don't want to waste internet quota or cash on internet, I have uploaded only Names.lua for both main package (here) and the Combined Forces Weapon Mod addon package (here). Please rename them to Names.lua and place them in "<<yourFC2dir>>\Scripts\Database" directory.

ModMan will detect it as not installed. Ignore this, and if some errors persist on Names.lua, manually restore that file from the backup you create.

Version History

Lots of changes and additions have put into this mod and I cannot list them all here. See "RU_US Version History" text file in Doc folder of your FC2 directory on post-installation.

Additions in this version

For what I can explain about additions are listed below:
  • Burke-class Destroyer - this model is an early-beta release from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Don't expect it too much, because AI cannot target it and collision model is using the Perry's col.
  • Apache Stinger pods - because no 3D object model (occasionally the *.obj format) or Google Sketchup model are present for this when I searched online, I decided to rip one from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon game with the help of Ninja Ripper (available via XeNTaX forum), thanks largely to black_ninja for making this possible.
  • Hind Igla pods - ditto as above.
  • MiG-29K - issues rising from MiG-29SMT (v1.3) about AI bug and game crash when ordering wingman to turn on radar led me to change the aircraft model to MiG-29K by TOMCATz, which is very stable and has treatment same like the original MiG-29K. Unlike MiG-29SMT, the MiG-29K can takeoff and land on Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser.
  • F-15J mod has been further expanded to use the local air-to-air missiles, such as AAM-3, AAM-4, and AAM-5, instead of foreign air-to-air missiles (though it can be used) like Sidewinder and Sparrow. AAM-3 is ripped from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon game with the help of Ninja Ripper. AAM-4 is a copy of AIM-120C using Neutryno's AIM-120D kinematics. AAM-5 is scratch-built by me using ZModeler, and UV-mapping and final export is done using 3ds Max 7 with LockOn Utility provided by ED.
  • New skins for Su-25 - includes squadron name relative to the skin and one bonus aerobatic skin
  • New UH-60A skins - grabbed from UH-60L mod for GTA V by SkylineGTRFreak
  • New skins for Su-27 - includes the T-10-17 test paint scheme
  • New skins for F/A-18A and its descendants (such as CF-18A, EF-18A, and upgraded F/A-18C)
  • more to explain, I can't remember myself, so see for urself

Bugs Reporting or...

If you found a bug stated other than in Version History, you can let me know immediately in Comments section or via My Contacts at the archive Readme (either when you view it in WinRAR or using Mods Installer @ ModMan).

Any issues you got, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll be glad to help.


Sorry if I put too many screenshots here. I may gonna show you videos, but my flight controls are only on keyboard and mouse. I'm afraid I might not be a pro fighter as I frequently get shot down without the help of Labels on.

I'll be doing the compatibility with DCS: Black Shark v1.0.2 and Russian version of FC2 after this, when I have no works to do.

Aircraft Skins

Here are the screenshots of new aircraft skins in FC2. Previous version of skins are also included as well.
This also includes the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron skin for the F-15C mod by Gys & Valery, designed personally with color matching based from the original skin by me (having it similar to Walmis' ones for LOMAC), and the Fictional Task Force 606 skin of JASDF (both normal and aerobatic) by me for the F-15C mod by Gys & Valery.

Ground Crew

Make the airbase and airport more life with ground crew. Place them at the apron and use waypoints to move their position with realistic animations.
Note that one of the 4 GCs cannot be moved, and placement of them needs extra careful.

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) F-14 Tomcat

The only active Tomcats until now. You can now see them realistically in "F-15C - Baz" mission.

EA-18G Growler

The beast of the ECM fighter aircraft based from the Hornet F of the USN. It is intended to replace the aging EA-6B Prowler.

Eagle VS Mirage

Realistic flight model makes aircraft more life and have better aerodynamics and engines. Be careful with bandits now...

Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer

Early beta release, but can attack like the Ticonderoga-class can do. Available in USA and Japan (as Kongo-class Destroyer).
It still contains bugs, however.

Sukhoi Su-35

Dreaming an Su-35 realistically can be hard, but with a little tinkering on available, separated pylon models from 3GO Su-27 Flanker v1.5p mod, nothing is impossible.

R-37 (AA-13 "Arrow")

No more this missile can attack within 80 km range. It can now attack targets up to 400 km, useful to pick off AWACS aircraft from a very long distance. Get ready to get your RWR ringed if you see enemies in an Su-35 or MiG-31 firing this beast. Beware, it's highly addictive.

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser

New flight deck with animated Navy crews. Gives the cruiser more life.

Su-25 VS Su-27

You can't stand a chance against the Flanker if you fly a Frogfoot with 2 Aphid missiles. Get ready to eat lead if it's too close on your tail.

Apache Stinger Pods

Apaches can now have anti-air capability, but only at short range. Fires 2 AIM-92 Stinger missiles per pod. It is specific only for type D of the Apache, a.k.a. AH-64D "Longbow Apache".

Hind Igla-S Pods

Ever thinking of arming Igla missiles instead of Aphid like in some documentary videos? Now you can. It fires 2 Igla missiles per pod with GRAU designation 9M39 and NATO codename SA-16 "Gimlet".

Su-25TM "Frogfoot"

An advanced variant of Su-25T, a.k.a. Su-39. Now it has ability to use skins based on the Su-25T (CRC32 checks with Su-25T and Su-39 models are same).

Beautiful and Deadly Flight

You may expect the fast air someday.

UH-60A Skins

The best of the best by SkylineGTRFreak. Let's wait for the paintkit to be released, so we can do makeover of the UH-60 helicopter.

The new Predator Drone

Thinking about having 6 Hellfires or 4 Hellfires and 2 GBU-12s on a Predator drone can be a bad idea.

Oriental Weapons

Not the one that you expect in KFC ones. These are PL-8, PL-12, AAM-3, AAM-4, and AAM-5 missiles in action. PL-8 and PL-12 are Chinese ones. AAM-3, AAM-4, and AAM-5 are Japanese ones.
Don't mind if the missile body text of AAM-5 says AIM-120C - it is only a simulation as I'm not good enough on retexturing the missile.

Training Menu with Boruto in it (WTF?)

Bored already with a pilot going to fly an F-15?

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