Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Brand New World

Explaining about "BTS (Behind the Scene)" thing, I guess Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has answers.

It's a brand new world, with new crimes in place. Aliens from the other world will be expected to come to the Earth soon. Well, no laser weapons, only super powers, like those in The Avengers. If you have watched Boruto: Naruto the Movie, there will be a remake of that in Boruto NNG as a new arc. Perhaps, this would be the new one, but for now, it's a filler before entering the Naruto Gaiden arc. Haven't read its comic, although it has been released before the Naruto: Shippuden ended.

Well, it's good to see that Sumire has back again. No more lost. Record says no civilian casualties, or "murders".

One character from The Last: Naruto the Movie was finally shown in the 15th release of Boruto NNG, Toneri Otsutsuki. Been through harsh trauma for years after the battle that happened 3 years after the Great War. Now he became a psychic to predict what the Earth would become in the future.

It's the 2017 - the 21st century. Yeah, I know, no one knows what year it was in that anime series, but following the history of mankind, where the dinosaurs extinct because of meteor rain and the rise of new species for over hundred thousands of years, the 18th century was where the alien invasion (or "Zetans") started. I've been reading many articles of facts of some characters that Kaguya was an alien all the time. And the "chakra" was also a gift of an alien to the whole mankind, which the first history of ninja started. All of this... was merely similar to the last movie I saw: Transformers: The Last Knight, where people hid the secrets of Transformers from the Earth, like Round Table, Galileo Galilei, and many historical people. Another fan fiction issue that combines ancient tech with modern tech.

Visited Julio's site again to see a scripting tutorial in V. What I focus now is the IV, because this part is where the scripting starts. I should start looking.

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