Thursday, July 13, 2017

Power Noodles and Power Failure?

It ain't apocalypse yet.

Just woke up in the morning and found out that there was a power failure that made me back to sleep again. Waited until I get my eyes shut isn't working, even though I changed rooms. So the midday, I had a lunch. Yellow rice and red-sauced fish.

Gets me bored every time I waited for this power failure. After my sis got out of the house to the course, I had to spent my time shopping. Most Indonesians called it "jajan"; can't tell what's in English, anyway, but I guess it's another term of shopping, but more preferably refer to shopping street snacks.

So I spent my time shopping to a place very close to my house that only takes less than 30 seconds to get there. There was a small cafeteria that sells noodles. What I found was particularly unusual, which I can't find it anywhere else. Lemon-seasoned noodles. Yeah, lemon-seasoned noodles.

My home is particularly remote from the city of Bandung, on the eastern side of the city, in the villages near the mountain foothills. I had been seeing that cafeteria opened from since a month or two, and then just got moved to the other house for providing a big place to open their business. It's still close; you only need to take less than 30 seconds to get there. Before, I only need 10 seconds to reach the shop. That, was before the cafeteria opened for business.

The place didn't get much customers, but it's enough to see that it was profitable. I've visited the place twice; yesterday at 2 o'clock noon and today at 3 o'clock noon. The taste of the noodle was very delicious, similar to those I tried at college and some on the streets, but the difference was the lemon seasoning. I did tried only the sweet noodles, so I can't see the difference at all. The sweet one is just an addition of maybe a tablespoon or two of soy bean sauce to make the noodle's final result to be brown. The lemon is still tasty, just only I can feel that it's sweeter than ever, rather than preparing myself an instant noodle and put two tablespoons of sugar before mixing. In a health risk perspective, it can make myself full without worrying about getting fat.

Sugar is likewise one of the world's famous sweetener, but the risk is getting fat, broken teeth, and throat-ache if frequently consumed. Most of these found in drinks and cakes.

Well, today, just I thought to clear my boring thoughts, I went there to have another lunch. It's well served, just like in the college. I ate and by exactly every 10 minutes I checked the LINE messages.

3.40 p.m., lights on. About time, and so... the lemon also gets me lucky, for now. I have been drinking the lemon water for few years to say that it can thin me up, so I can see how effective it was if it's applied on food. Lemon-seasoned noodles and lemonades (American-styled) are one of the examples.

Despite the long-time power failure, it's good to see that I'm writing this to express the taste of lemon IMO, and to say that, "I only watched a quarter part of Katakan Putus reality show without knowing what the f*** just happened before, and where it takes place".

Yesterday was also something new to see. Survival difficulty in Fallout 4 was quite boring if no new quests were doing, which was repetitive. Minutemen quests (helping settlements) was no more. Food supplies are adequate. Brotherhood quests can be activated if I reach the place like in the start of the game: conventional walk and run, shooting anyone who interferes. And what sucks is when you get killed or "power failure". You'll restart at where you last sleep in there. So, I'd rather do things like doing daily activities like in real life. Eating, drinking, crafting, shopping... Sanctuary Hills is where you start and where you end.

So I came to a conclusion that I uninstalled Fallout 4 and moving on to try Watch Dogs 2. Got missing files because of archive corruption, although it was separately packed. Tried to repair, same thing. No luck. And when the game starts, it quits itself.

Now Call of Duty: Ghosts. Last time I tried this game was at the old computer. It's true that Windows 7 only supports up to DirectX 10, while Windows 10 have supported DirectX 11. And it was surprisingly glorious to see that the combat operations are not just on the ground, but also in the air and the outer space. Finished the game for 6 hours until I see the end.

I can't tell what games I want to finish this time, but I still have the list, and some unplayed ones in my external drive. Now... with the C# basics learned, time to find the IV scripting tutorial while I do download of latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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