Friday, July 7, 2017

Problem Solved: LCPDFR forever-loading and OpenIV issues

One of my rarest instance, I suppose, and it has been for 2 or 3 years.

I can't tell how does this happen, but every time I boot up the game with LCPDFR and entered the police station, the game load takes forever, like, it's stuck there (perma-limbo). I was about to tell this to LCPDFR forums, but... once I put in my old API key and connected to my Wi-Fi modem, one miracle happen. I happen to found out that no more stucking at the loading screen again, and my LCPDFR account just got linked to the main server. Finally, free from the limbo.

Can't tell how does this happen. Tried myself to use "forceduty" via SHDN console after activating LCPDFR (pressing Alt+P keys), but then got stuck again when trying to use Taser (pressing T key). The other is during the fresh start of the game that, (I know that I already have IV and EFLC in a single installation) start a new game in IV; responding a call to terrorist activity (must be the SuperVillains plugin) and once arrived... boom. Crashed to desktop, and Error Reporter reboots the game. And another boom! In the midst of character changing and in the cutscene, script crash and followed by crash to desktop. Another reboot, then it's starting all over. Not a big deal, I suppose.

Now, just re-logged in to LCPDFR and in one moment I stumbled across a popular forum thread stating OpenIV has stopped its development. BOOM again. Just to know that this is July 7th, the day I viewed and at the same time, this article was written. My OpenIV never went through the updates, nor it connects to the OpenIV Server for a surprisingly LOOOOONG time. Well, so to say, guy named Lundy there was giving many users a way out in a twist. Not to say "Yellow, who's there?" some sort of that.

This is serious to me and everyone who loves modding. OpenIV is a great tool to mod things that transforms the game's environment to... whatever we like. Hearing about it makes me wonder if I connect the OpenIV I have to the server, will it pop the same thing? As far as I concern, nothing since the last online connect.

Read this thread

So I made a clarification to OpenIV's homepage and I saw a news feed thread that had written 3 days ago since this writing. Good to see that OpenIV still lives on. Though idk what in the world was happening, but the fact that "Liberty City in GTA V" clearly, and in their (OpenIV developers) opinion, violates directly with Rockstar's Modding Policy. Can't tell how to interpret its modding policy in Indonesian, even though I understand English. Firefox's handy plugin's in motion!

Can't believe they have gone this far just to see that they can do the map porting like how JulioNIB or yuniwii does. Julio does the VilV, while yuniwii (in his/her private project) does the Naruto Ninja World map.

To note, yuniwii sometimes surfaced to do anime mods, but so far spent less on doing Naruto, especially when it comes to NS:UNS4, where he only did Boruto and Sarada in the process (and those are intended for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas).

Now, with the rare issues solved, time to get the C# tut book opened and start learning.

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